7 Best Fishing Headlamp 2022 – A Run-Down Unbiased Review

Best Fishing Headlamp

Fishing headlamps make it possible for you to see bustling waters at night. With a headlamp, you strap it on your head with the actual light resting against your forehead. There is supposed to be a switch or button on the side of the lamp that shines a light downwards and in front of you. Headlamps are generally run on batteries for a portable nature.

Apart from night and morning fishing, fishing headlamps can also be used in other dark and night time settings as well, such as cave excavations, basement and crawl space repairs, night time jogging and more. Headlamps are highly portable and can easily light up a dark situation.

In this review, we are going to take a look at seven fishing headlamps on the market, from companies such as DanForce, LuminoLite and Everbrite. We will point out what makes them great as well as not so great, and we will then determine which one is the best fishing headlamp for you.

Comparison Of Top Fishing Headlamp On The Market 2022

Product Name


Light Color

Battery Requirements


Vont “Spark” LED Headlamp (Editor’s Choice)


Red, White

3 AAAs

VITCHELO V800 Headlamp (Editor’s Choice)


Red, White

3 AAAs

LHKNL Headlamp


Red, White

1500mAh bulit-in rechargeable battery

IKAAMA Headlamp


Red, White

2 2600 lithium batteries

GearLight LED Headlamp


Red, White

3 AAAs

Odear Super Bright Headlamp Rechargeable LED Spotlight



3 18650 lithium-ion batteries

Beautiken High Lumen Ultra Bright 8Led Headlight


Red, White

2 18650 lithium-ion batteries

7 Best Fishing Headlamp Reviews

1. Vont “Spark” LED Headlamp

The Spark Headlamp is Vont’s latest innovation when it comes to smart lights. This intuitive headlamp is power-packed with 200 lumens of LED lights. Consider this as your go-to gear for either day or night fishing, with a capacity of lighting up to 100 meters of deep, dark waters. It’s perfect for bleak fishing situations.

With seven different modes to choose from depending on your surroundings, the Spark Headlamp also comes in handy when you’re spelunking, hiking, and other extreme adventures. Plus, there’s an accessible SOS mode that you can toggle with a single button. It also champions easy-grip compactness and lightweight design to fit your fishing gear bag.

There’s also no need to worry about wear and tear as this excellent headlamp is proprietarily designed and constructed from military-grade materials. Safe to say that it’s built to last and would survive extreme environmental and weather conditions, pressure, water splashes, and accidental drops.

If fishing is more than just a hobby for you, the Vont Spark Headlamp will definitely suit your activities for the years to come. With its lifetime-quality guarantee, you get a full refund or unit replacement if it fails to meet your expectations. This confidence is brought to you by Vont for all their innovative product lines. You’ll have no problem with their excellent customer service too.



2. VITCHELO V800 Headlamp

Vitchelo closes out our review with their nifty fishing headlamp. These headlamps come in one of four colors: Black, red, blue and yellow.

You get 3 Duracell triple-A batteries included with Vitchelo’s headlamp. Amazingly, this headlamp can conserve battery life for up to 120 hours at a time, by far the longest battery life of all the headlamps in this review.

You can see the light on this fishing headlamp shine from up to 110 meters away, or 360 feet. This is surprising for a 168-lumen light. There are three different brightness options, and you can even toggle the two red lights on and off as well.

The headlamp is also very small and lightweight. The strap is elastic and comfortable to wear.

Vitchelo also stresses that they have both a money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. No matter if something goes wrong with the lamp or you are unhappy with how it performs, Vitchelo can make sure that they set things right, depending on your inquiry.

The bad news is that this is not a waterproof fishing headlamp. It is advertised as waterproof, but all it can really take is water pressure from splashing. If this fishing headlamp happens to drop in the water from fishing, it’s game over.



3. LHKNL Headlamp

LHKNL headlamp is a great choice – not only for fishing – but for any outdoor activity as well. The lamp comes equipped with LED bulbs. Anglers can use these bulbs in a variety of ways using several different light modes.

These modes include main beam, side beam, all bright, SOS strobe, strong beam, and red beam just to name a few. Switch through the modes depending on how much light you need and for what you are doing.

The fact that it is waterproof and quite durable makes it a great choice to bring around as you traverse the outdoors. Even when there is a fish on the line and you are in the middle of the struggle, you can rest easy knowing that it will not get damaged.

The fact that it has rechargeable batteries already puts it a step ahead of many fishing headlamps in the market today. The rechargeable batteries are soon to be the status quo, and it is great that the batteries come with the headlamp.



4. IKAAMA Headlamp

IKAAMA’s fishing headlamps come in one of three strap designs, all of which have a patriotic military theme. This fishing headlamp claims to shine at 6000 Lumens, and while it can shine a bright light, it is not as intense.

Features include 4 Light Modes & Zoomable Head lamp, IPX5 Waterproof Headlamp, USB Rechargeable Headlight and Red tail light for emergency use.

This headlamp comes with two rechargeable batteries. These batteries up to 40 hours at a time. There is also a cable charger included. If you want to replace these with other 9-volt batteries, you can do that.

The headlamp has four different light settings: High intensity, middle intensity, low intensity and flashing. The lights are zoomable to provide you with a variety of options for your needs.

You can adjust the light from 0 to 120 degrees. You can set the light to shine directly outwards, directly downwards or somewhere in between for whatever you are focusing on.

One problem that we have to address with these fishing headlamps is that the batteries are not secure. With just a light tap of the light can cause the batteries to fall out. The rubber sealing claims to do the job to protect the batteries, but they clearly do not do a job of keeping them inside. When you are fishing, you better find a clever way to keep your batteries in the light, because they cannot swim.




5. GearLight LED Headlamp

The strap for GearLight LED headlamp is adjustable, removable, and washable. The design flexible and comfortably fits children and adults. It also pairs great with helmets and hardhats.

The headlamp is lightweight and portable and suitable for camping, hiking and work.

‎Comes with American LED Technology, 7 Modes, 45-Degree Pivotable Head, Washable and Adjustable Headband, Red Light, Water Resistant.

The batteries are rechargeable. Depending on the mode, it can last up to 10 hours in low.



6. Odear Super Bright Headlamp Rechargeable LED Spotlight

The Odear Super Bright Headlamp is a more traditional approach to fishing headlamps. Multiple small LED bulbs are placed within an encased lamp. The result is a very strong and “super bright” light beam. The range of the beam can reach up to 750 meters. This encased lamp is also waterproof so it is great to bring out when out on the waters.

The battery can last for quite an extended period. When it comes to the point that the batteries run low, charging is quite easy as it connects conveniently to a USB cord. Interestingly enough, with the power that Odear’s headlamp brings, it can even double up as a usable power source. For instance, it can be used as a source to charge your cell phone.



7. Beautiken High Lumen Ultra Bright 8LED Headlight

If you are looking for a fishing headlight that is great in any weather and for all conditions, consider the Beautiken High Lumen Ultra Bright 8LED Headlight. For starters, this headlamp is water-resistant, making it good for your fishing trips. Even the casings of the batteries are protected from moisture. Apart from that though, it is resistant to both heat and cold. This means that you can bring it more activities than just fishing and will hold up.

The light consists of 8 LED light bulbs.Each of these bulbs can work independently from one another. There are two separate control buttons that control the various modes of this headlight. These modes include a main beam, a side beam, and even an SOS mode. At its brightest, the range of the light can reach up to 800 meters.



Some Important FAQ About Fishing Headlamp You Should Know

Why Buy A Fishing Headlamp?

There are several advantages of using a headlamp rather than a flashlight, torch, lantern or a flashlight app on your cell phone. These advantages are as follows:


With the headlines, you have both hands that are free. For activities such as climbing, home improvement, and especially fishing, having both hands free is important. With just moving your head will dictate where the light will shine.

Beam Distance

Many headlamps for fishing can shoot a beam of light from hundreds of feet away. This is very great to have, especially in the dark. As far as a smartphone or a lantern go, their light only emits a radial glow, which is not send off a beam in any type of direction.


Many headlamps only consist of a small light and a head strap to go around your head. Opposed to lanterns or even flashlights, they are required to be heavy due to their size and purpose. The same can be said about headlamps for fishing. Because they are required to be light so that you can wear it on your head, engineers have made it possible.


Many high quality lights are built to last, offering waterproofing capabilities so that they can endure rainstorms and even water that is a meter deep. While some fishing headlamps can take the unpredictable nature of fishing on a boat, other headlamps cannot.

Who Are Fishing Headlamps For?

Fishing headlamps are nearly a must-own product for fisherman that fish wither along shores or on boats, especially in between sunset and sunrise. If you fish at night or in dark areas, this is something that you should strongly consider for your fishing trips.

On a broader scale, however, fishing headlamps can be used for many other purposes in night time or dark settings. They are primarily used outdoors. Aside from fishing, they are used in exploring caves, seeing around campsites, undergoing emergency car maintenance, or simply for taking a walk or bike ride at night. They can also be used for indoor projects in places such as basements, attics, crawl spaces, and homes that do not yet have electricity.

To simply put things, you can find a headlamp to be very useful if you have something you need to do at night time and/or in dark places.

What Are Lumens In Fishing Headlamps?

Nearly every maker of fishing headlamps mentions a type of output known as “lumens” to describe how bright its light shines. This is a measurement that comes from a device that is known as an “integrating sphere”.

This device gives you a measurement of overall light output. Lumens in headlamp lights can range from as little as 15 to as much as thousands. Lumens only measure the total sum of light in a certain direction, not the quality of the light beam. With that said, more lumens does not always mean a bigger or brighter light.

What Does It Mean For a Fishing Headlamp To Be Waterproof?

Many waterproof headlamps are made in IPX ratings. An IPX4 rating is the lowest ratings that a headlamp can receive. This rating signifies that the product will be resistant against rainstorms, or light splashing.

In comparison, an IPX7 rating means that the product can withstand water pressure of one meter deep for a limited time. There are IPX1 and IPX9 ratings that also exist, that signify that products can withstand drops of water and powerful water jets, respectively.

Why Are Some Lights On A Fishing Headlamp Red?

Some fishing headlamps feature one middle white light and two red lights in between. The red lights are for emergency situations only. In case you are in danger at night, you can turn on your red lights and hope to attract the attention of another person who is nearby.

Whether you are hurt in a forest, or have your car broken down on the shoulder of a highway, the red lights should indicate to others that you need help right away. For most headlamps with red lights, the white and red lights will not shine at the same time.

Final Verdict

The fishing headlamp that we have decided on for your recommendation is the VITCHELO V800 Headlamp.

For a small lamp that is light, it sure shines brightly and can last a very long time. When all you want is a headlamp that can work well, we can confidently say that Vitchelo’s fishing headlamp fits the bill. People of all ages and head sizes will find this headlamp very comfortable, as well.

With a money back guarantee and warranty that works indefinitely, there is hardly any risk for you. If you aren’t sure about how it performs after buying it, you can always buy another headlamp. Just don’t expect them to honor a warranty if this headlamp accidentally falls in the water.

This was a very hard decision for us, and while Best and GRDE also have wonderful products, their cons may not be all that tolerable for just any fisherman. That is why Vitchelo has made the best fishing headlamp. Another consideration on the higher price side of things would be the Biolite Headlamp 200 which was just released in Feb 2020 which has many qualities over the others just as the anti bounce and moisture-wicking smart fabric so I would consider this one too if you don’t mind spending a little more.

We like to share product recommendations with you and hope you like them! Just to make you aware FishingLab may collect a small share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.


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