Best Pendant Lights in 2019 – 6 Recommended Product Reviewed!

Best Pendant Lights

When trying to get the right accent lighting for your home, the type of installation you choose can make a significant difference. Fortunately, one of the best ways to illuminate your living spaces is to add pendant lighting.

If you’re unfamiliar with these lights, they are unique in that they hang from the ceiling. These types of lights can be seen in both chic homes and businesses, and they provide adequate visibility along with a unique sense of style.

Today we’re going to be looking at the best pendant lights to see which models are going to work best for your home. We’ll also compare the various elements to pay attention to so that you can be sure you’re making the smart choice.

Comparison Chart of the Top 6 Popular Models of Pendant Lights for the Money

Product Name

Hanging Length




Globe Electric 64413 Amris1-Light Plug-In Pendant (Editors Choice)


5 Options


CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Edison Pendant Hanging Light


3 Options


Globe Electric Vintage Edison 1-Light Mini Pendant


7 Options


LANROS Donglaimei Industrial Mini Pendant


1 Single

60W max

KingSo Industrial Metal Pendant Light


1 Single


Westinghouse 6100700 One-Light Indoor Mini Pendant (Editors Choice)


5 Options


Recommended 6 Best Pendant Lights Available on the Market 2019 List

1. Globe Electric 64413 Amris1-Light Plug-In Pendant

When picking out the best pendant light, one of the most crucial elements to look for is the design. The primary purpose of installing one of these fixtures in your home or office is to add style and elegance to space. Overall, pendant lights are just as much decoration as they are practical installations.

In this case, we have a modern approach to pendant lighting. This model has a brushed nickel housing with a frosted plastic dome. This makes it ideal for a wide range of interior spaces, from restaurants to home kitchens. While it’s not the most illustrious design available on this list, it has a somewhat utilitarian feel to it. 

Another element to pay attention to is the length of the cord that is attached to the light. With the Amris1, you get up to 15 feet of hanging capacity, meaning that it works well for both tall and short ceilings. That being said, if you do have a short ceiling, you may not like having to pull so much cord up into the wall. Overall, we would highly recommend this pendant light if you have the room for it.

To help make this light more accessible, there is an on/off switch integrated into the handle. Most of these lights install into your home’s electrical grid, meaning that a light switch powers them. However, having the option of turning it on and off independently gives it more versatility.


  • Five styles and designs available
  • check
    Hanging cord is up to 15 feet long
  • check
    The line on/off switch for a minimalist appearance
  • check
    Fast and easy installation
  • check
    Works with any 60-watt bulb


  • The switch can be hard to reach for some users
  • Not ideal for shorter ceiling heights

2. CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Edison Pendant Hanging Light

If you’re looking for a pendant light that looks like it came straight from the roaring 20s, then this model may strike your fancy. What’s nice about this particular model is that you can choose from three vintage color schemes, including brushed copper or brass. Thus, you can have a more industrial look to your living space when this light is up and running.

As far as hanging length goes, this unit has 10 feet of cord. This works for a variety of interiors, making this a versatile piece that will command attention while not being too dramatic. Best of all, this piece is easy to install and relatively inexpensive, so feel free to add multiple lights so that you create a more dynamic effect.

One thing to note about pendant lights (and most other installations) is that they are compatible with dimmer switches. Usually, it’s the bulb that matters most, so as long as you install a dimmable bulb, feel free to hook the light up to any dimmer in your home or office. This capability can add a lot of flair and ambiance to your space, making this light even more appealing.


  • Vintage glass design
  • check
    Three style options available
  • check
    10-foot hanging length
  • check
    Quick and easy installation
  • check
    Can work with a dimmer switch (and bulb)


  • Glass dome may have imperfections and break easily
  • Attaching the glass can damage the surface

3. Globe Electric Vintage Edison 1-Light Mini Pendant

For the most part, pendant lights are notable for their dome encasings. The dome is what surrounds the bulb, and it adds the most dramatic appearance for the fixture itself. However, if you want to install a vintage incandescent bulb, then you don’t want to overshadow its unique flair.

So, in that case, you may want this Edison 1 light from Globe Electric. This is the ultimate in vintage and minimalist design as it allows you to let the bulb do the talking. That being said, we don’t recommend sticking any modern light into this fixture as it will remove much of the appeal. 

One thing we like about the Edison 1 is that the cord is wrapped with woven fibers. This not only helps extend the life of the piece itself, but it allows you to choose from seven different color options. This way, you can mix and match bulbs with the right color to ensure that it pops in all the right ways.

This cord is also 15 feet long, and you get several swag hooks to accommodate any extra you may have. Also, the hooks help make the installation process more seamless since you don’t have to worry about tucking the cord into the ceiling. Finally, there is an integrated on/off switch for this light, should you want to use it independently of any wall switches. 


  • Woven fabric cord lasts longer
  • check
    Minimalist design with no bulb cover
  • check
    Can hang up to 15 feet
  • check
    Swag hooks provided for easy installation
  • check
    Integrated power switch in the wire
  • check
    Works with dimmer bulbs and switches


  • Best used with proprietary vintage-style bulbs
  • Not ideal for low ceilings

4. LANROS Donglaimei Industrial Mini Pendant

Although this next pendant light fixture only comes in one style, it has more than enough personality to create a lively appearance to any interior space. The hand-blown glass accent is sure to capture the attention of any guests to your home and office, and it offers a vintage ambiance without having to pay antique-level prices.

The cord for this light is relatively short, hanging at just five feet. Thus, if you have vaulted ceilings, you may prefer to get one of the other fixtures on this list. While five feet is more than enough for most spaces, it may not be sufficient for your home, so keep that in mind.

One thing we appreciate about this pendant light is that it’s so easy to install. It comes with a fixture base so that you can quickly replace any current lighting in your ceiling. If, however, you’re adding a light that wasn’t already there, you will have to consult an electrician to make sure you’ve hooked everything up correctly.

When picking out your pendant light, it’s imperative that you realize that none of these fixtures come with a bulb. That being said, most of these lights will work best with a vintage-style bulb, meaning that you have to contact the manufacturer directly. Yes, you could put any 60-watt bulb into this fixture, but that could detract from the elegance and class that come with it.


  • Hand Blown glass design
  • check
    Works with all 60-watt bulbs
  • check
    Five feet of hanging length
  • check
    Adjustable cord works with all ceilings


  • Glass can arrive damaged or broken
  • In rare cases, the cord may not hang straight

5. KingSo Industrial Metal Pendant Light

Usually, pendant lights are notable because they have a simple dome covering the bulb. The dome can be made of a variety of materials, but the shape is usually the same across different brands. However, if you want a more commanding light that will act as a centerpiece for your space, then you will appreciate the KingSo Industrial Light.

What makes this fixture so unique is the metal orb that surrounds the bulb. The ball is made of vintage metal pieces, which adds both an industrial and timeless quality to the whole thing. One side effect of this fixture, however, is that the orb is relatively heavy, especially compared to the other models we’ve seen. Thus, when installing this pendant light, be sure that you’re extra careful.

The other thing about this model is that it only has about four feet of cord. Thus, you have to make sure that your ceiling is low enough to keep the fixture in plain sight. If it’s too high up, it will almost defeat the purpose of having it at all.

Finally, this light comes with a one-year limited warranty from KingSo. Since the bulb isn’t included, the warranty doesn’t cover burnouts. However, if anything breaks off or the cord goes haywire, you may be covered.


  • Globe cage for a unique accent
  • check
    Adjustable four-foot cord
  • check
    Compatible with dimmer bulbs and switches
  • check
    Works with any 60-watt bulb
  • check
    Durable metal construction


  • The cage can be a bit bulky in some situations
  • Installation should be done by a professional

6. Westinghouse 6100700 One-Light Indoor Mini Pendant

One nice thing about pendant lights, in general, is that they work well individually or in groups. By this, we mean that you can hang multiple lights in a row and they will only add more elegance and style to your interior.

If you like the idea of installing multiple pendant lights, then you may prefer something small like this model from Westinghouse. Other units we’ve seen so far can be too large or commanding to work with other lights in a row, so it’s better to deploy smaller units to achieve a more cohesive effect.

When comparing dimensions, this light has a five-foot cord, and it works with almost all 60-watt bulbs. As with everything else we’ve seen, you can use a dimmer switch, provided that you get the right bulb. Also, remember that vintage-style bulbs usually work better to achieve the look you’re going for, so be sure to find a distributor that offers the designer bulbs you want.

Finally, this pendant light comes with a five-year limited warranty so that you can buy it with confidence and peace of mind.


  • Five style options available
  • check
    Five-foot adjustable cord
  • check
    Mini pendant design fits almost anywhere
  • check
    Retro-style glass housing
  • check
    Works with most 60-watt bulbs


  • Glass frosting may be uneven
  • In rare cases, the cord may burn out the bulb quickly

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Frequently Asked Questions : How to Choose the Right Pendant Light 


More than anything else, you will want to install pendant lighting in your home because it looks good. Other light fixtures are about practicality and reliability, but pendant lights are not necessarily about being the brightest in the room.

Thus, when picking out the right model for your needs, the style and appearance are going to be more crucial than anything else. While some dimensions or installation options can add to the buying experience, you want to be sure that you’re satisfied with the way it looks.

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking out the right style.

1. Will you be installing multiple pendant lights in a row?
2. What is the theme/appearance of your interior space?
3. Glass domes can be more fragile than plastic ones, so is safety an issue?
4. Will you be installing a vintage bulb or not?
5. Will you be using a dimmer switch with the light?
6. Do you need it to provide sufficient illumination, or is it mostly decorative?

These questions will help you pinpoint the right pendant light for your needs, as well as help dictate the style of the bulb you get. As we mentioned, none of these fixtures come with a bulb, so you’ll have to compare and buy those separately. With some pendant lights, new bulbs are okay because you won’t notice them. However, some models will look out of place with such lighting options, so keep that in mind. 

Hanging Length

When comparing different dimensions for your pendant light, the most critical component is the cord. Since these fixtures hang from the ceiling, you want to be sure that it’s long (or short) enough to work well in your space. Some points to consider when looking at light cords.

On/Off Switch - some models have a switch on the light itself so that you don’t have to use one on the wall.

Braided/Wrapped - although cords don’t get abused, they can break down over time. If it’s braided, however, it will last a lot longer.

Hooks - in most cases, you can tuck the excess cord into the ceiling. However, if it’s really long, you may have to use hooks. If this will affect the overall appearance, you may decide to get a shorter length. 


Ideally, you will be able to install your new pendant light without having to call an electrician at home. However, in some situations, you won’t be able to do it on your own. Here are some things to think about when it comes to putting your light in place.

Are you replacing a current fixture, or adding a new one? New installations will need professional help to ensure that they’re installed correctly.
Is there a base? If not, you may have to buy one separately to stabilize the cord and the light.
Do you need swag hooks? If so, that can add time and expense to the installation process. 

Final Verdict

When it comes to picking out the best pendant light, so much of the decision has to do with personal style. Thus, even though we can recommend one based on performance and other metrics, you might prefer to get a different model because it looks better for your home.

Nonetheless, we like both the Globe Electric Amris1 and the Westinghouse Pendant Lights. The Globe Electric model is excellent because it has more than enough cord to work almost anywhere, and it comes with an integrated on/off switch. As far as the Westinghouse model, we like the design as well as the fact that it has a five-year limited warranty.

Overall, each of these pendant lights can provide excellent quality and style to your home, office, or other interior space, so feel free to choose accordingly. 

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