Best Soft Sided Tackle Bags to Organize Your Fishing Tools

When it comes to fishing, among the most important thing every fisher or angler must have is the best soft sided tackle bag. Generally speaking, tackle bags or boxes house all the tools and equipment needed for fishing and angling.

In the past, these bags were made from sturdy materials; in fact, the very first fishers used wooden tackle boxes, and then eventually, metal and high-density plastics were the preferred materials. These materials were used to secure the tackle materials but also to keep it safe from the outdoors.

With new technology available today, composite fabrics and high-density materials are used to manufacture tackle bags. These materials are lightweight but durable, allowing different kinds of soft-sided tackle bags to be used.

Since these bags have become one of the best options for anglers in the past few years, let’s take a look at three soft-sided tackle bags. This way, we can find out which of them is the best for your fishing and angling needs.

Best Soft Sided Tackle Bags
Comparison Chart

Ugly Stik Fishing Bag, 15-Liter

Allen Platte River Fishing Gear Bag, Olive, fly fishing gear bag

Plano Tackle Storage, Z- Series Rust Free 3700 Size Tackle Bag, Kryptek Raid/Blue, Includes Five 3750 Stowaway Boxes, No-Slip Molded Bottom Design

Best Soft Sided Tackle Bags Reviews

With the growing number of people becoming interested in soft-sided tackle bags, the number of brands and models available has also increased. The soft-sided tackle bags we have chosen to include on our list have ample space for storage for any, if not all, kinds of fishing and angling activities. That is because storage is one of the essential features of a tackle bag or box.

In order to differentiate and evaluate each of them properly, we looked into their features, pros, and cons.

1. Ugly Stik Fishing Bag

The Ugly Stik Fishing Bag is made from a durable polyester material. It has a simple aesthetic with black against grey design with red trimmings on the straps, logo, and zipper pulls. Likewise, it has a non-slip compression-molded bottom that keeps it from slipping, sliding, and sagging.

Size-wise, the Ugly Stik Fishing Bag comes at a length of 9.63 inches by length, a width of 11.4 inches, and a height of 7.7 inches. Its total weight is roughly 3.87 pounds or 1.75 kilograms.

The Ugly Stik Fishing Bag is a soft-sided fishing bag with a 20-liter capacity and has several exterior compartments for storage. The main compartment can hold four medium-sized utility boxes. Additionally, it has three zippered exterior pockets.

This bag is equipped with a padded shoulder strap and a mesh top handle so it can be carried easily. A removable tool holster with a belt clip, which fits most two-inch belts, is also integrated. This feature makes it ideal for waist fishing and low-water angling.


  • check
    Easy-to-access pockets
  • check
    Comfortable to carry
  • check
    Lifetime warranty
  • check
    Spacious interior
  • check
    Multiple compartments
  • check


  • Limited space for outer compartments
  • Rubber bottom can get cumbersome when wet
  • Heavy and bulky when full

2. Allen Platte River Fishing Gear Bag

The Allen Platte River Fishing Gear Bag is made with sturdy materials and has a simple design with green and grey colors, as well as yellow trimmings with the company's logo. It measures 17 inches by length, 10 inches by width, and 11 inches by height. Additionally, the inside of the bag is lined with water-resistant material to keep the contents dry.

This top-loading bag has an easy-to-access main compartment, which is supported by buckle clips. Apart from the main compartment, it has several interior and exterior pockets. The exterior, side compartments also feature zippered mesh pockets.

What is better is that the Allen Platte River Fishing Gear Bag has heavy-duty molded zippers for all compartments. It also has built-in tube straps and a removable shoulder strap.


  • check
    Water-resistant interior
  • check
    Large capacity
  • check
    Removable shoulder sling strap
  • check
    Durable bag and zippers
  • check
    Comfortable to carry


  • No extra exterior pockets for quick-access tools
  • Can be bulky when full
  • Other accessories are sold separately

3. Plano Tackle Z-Series 3700 Tackle Bag

The Plano Tackle Z-Series 3700 Tackle Bag is made from high-performance fabric materials that have a waterproof coating. Apart from that, it has a Plano utility tackle molded waterproof base. The base is also designed with rubberized strips to keep the bag from slipping and sliding.

The Plano Tackle Z-Series 3700 Tackle Bag has a shimmering fish scale design that makes it look cool. It comes in grey and black colors with blue trimmings on the covers and lining of the bottom.

Storage-wise, it has two side pockets in the exterior with Velcro closures and the main compartment that has five stowaway boxes. The compartments have a rust-free zipper-less design but can secure your things efficiently. The bag also features a gusseted top that is secured by buckle clips.

The Plano Tackle Z-Series 3700 Tackle Bag is 22 inches by length, 13 inches by width, and 13 inches by height. It has an approximate total weight of 5.5 pounds or 2.5 kilograms.


  • check
    Large compartment capacity
  • check
    Stable and non-slip
  • check
    Safe from water
  • check
    Large main compartment opening


  • Expensive
  • Can be too heavy to carry when full
  • The rubberized bottom can get heavy when wet.


The main compartments of all the bags we discussed have enough space to accommodate several utility boxes. They also have exterior compartments and pockets for fishing tools and gear that need to be accessed quickly. Likewise, they are made to withstand the rigors of outdoor fishing.

That being said, in terms of getting the most out of your money, the best soft sided tackle bag among the three is the Ugly Stik Fishing Bag. It provides all the space and compartments that you need for fishing and angling, and it even has a special compartment for small tools and tackles that you need immediate access.

The heavy-duty handle on the top of the bag and the adjustable shoulder strap also makes it versatile in terms of fishing on the go and waist fishing. The special tool holster with a belt clip also adds to the bag's utility when fishing. All that feature at an affordable price!

Overall, the Ugly Stik Fishing Bag is a quality product that provides a lot of versatility and utility. It is almost half the price of most fishing bags of this size, giving it an edge over the bags on this list, as well as over most tackle bags in the market available today.

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