Best Tackle Box of 2019? Complete Reviews with Comparison

The Best Tackle Box helps in staying organized and having all the equipment and gear you need and is critical as it is one of the factors that will determine whether your fishing trip will go well or not. No one wants to waste time getting all of their equipment packed and arrive at their fishing destination only to find out that they’re either missing an accessory or that you can’t find a specific hook you need.

Apart from organizing, picking out all the right gear is also essential for you to have a fun and successful fishing trip. In that sense, according to experts, tackle boxes will be of great help.

Tackle boxes come with a variety of accessories that has different shapes, sizes, and models. So, instead of picking all of your accessories individually, it may be more beneficial to pick up the best fishing tackle box.

This way, your fishing accessories stay organized in designated compartments, and you’ll have a variety of different equipment to attach to your fishing rod.

Best Tackle Box Comparison Chart

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Best Tackle Box Reviews

1. Plano Prolatch Tackle Box

The Plano Prolatch Tackle Box is a product that has many compartments, allowing you to place all of your accessories. The box is pretty shallow when it comes to depth, which means it’s not a great pick for larger fishing accessories.

Nevertheless, you can purchase extra dividers which can be placed on the tray.

Product Highlights

The tackle box includes five main compartments wherein you can slide in dividers if you want to make smaller compartments for accessories such as hooks or fishing lines. There are also two different locks which can help keep the box closed when you’re transporting it.

Additionally, you can put the tray into other boxes offered by the Plano Company.

What's to like about the Plano Prolatch Tackle Box

This unit allows you to customize the size of the compartments which is good if you want to purchase your own accessories and put them in the box. The custom sizes are great for keeping smaller trinkets locked away and safe. The company also gives the customer the option to have their name imprinted on the box.

What's not to like about the Plano Prolatch Tackle Box

The only issue is that this tackle box doesn’t exactly have much depth, which means that you can’t place more massive objects in it. Instead, you will have to rely on another bag or box to carry those items.


  • check
    3500 size StowAway
  • check
    Comes with a brochure and nameplate
  • check
    Multiple trays
  • check
    Limited lifetime warranty


  • Small

2. Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box

The Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box is designed to be secure and has all the essential fishing accessories. The boxes are designed to look similar to a toolbox, but they are built to be more durable and long-lasting. There is one tray which allows you to store up to 62 pieces of fishing accessories.

Product Highlights

The tackle box features one tray that has multiple compartments of different sizes which you can use to organize your accessories. It also comes with 62  traditionally styled fishing accessories such as jigs, sinkers, and hooks. When you purchase the Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box, you’ll also get a fishing guide which can show beginners how to attach specific accessories to their rods.

What's to like about the Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box

The fishing guide comes in handy, especially if you’re starting out and aren’t exactly sure what each accessory does. It can also help lead you in the right direction when it comes to local fishing areas.

What's not to like about the Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box

If you're looking for a complete set with all the accessories you'd need to get started, then this unit isn’t for you. While it does have a selection of different accessories, it doesn’t have every accessory you may need.


  • check
    Comes with essential accessories
  • check
    Reliable guide
  • check
  • check


  • Mainly hook accessories

3. Wakeman Tackle Box

The Wakeman Tackle Box is designed with a storage compartment right under the lid for easy access. It’s intended to be used outdoors and is a great kit for beginning fishers.

The inside of the tackle box has a single tray which can help keep your items more organized than other boxes, and there are multiple locks to help keep the box closed when you’re transporting your gear out on the water.

Product Highlights

The tackle box is designed to be easy to access and keep all of your fishing accessories safe and secured inside when you transport it. Located on the top, just below the transparent lid of the tackle box, is a compartment which gives you instant access to a few accessories.

Underneath it is a tray compartment which has sections for different accessories, and underneath that, there is a larger compartment which you can use to store bigger items.

The kit includes standard accessories such as hooks, crankbait, lures, sinkers, floats, and clippers. These are all great if you’re starting out, but its’ not recommended for anyone who is looking for expert-grade fishing accessories.

What's to like about the Wakeman Tackle Box

The Wakeman Tackle Box has you covered for all your essential fishing accessories. This is convenient if you’re starting out and you’re unsure what type of accessories you will need. The box is decently sized, meaning, not too small or too big.

What's not to like about the Wakeman Tackle Box

The equipment that is included in this kit is only for beginners. If you’re looking for professional grade equipment, then you should skip this kit unless you want the tackle box for storage.


  • check
    Lid compartment
  • check
    Easy to carry
  • check
    Accessories included
  • check
    Multiple latches and compartments


  • Accessories are designed for beginners

4. VonHaus Small Utility Tackle Box

The VonHaus Utility Tackle Box can be used for many different hobbies. It’s mainly marketed as a tackle box because of its ability to hold many small trinkets in the compartments. It can also be used for art supplies, sewing needles and thread, jewelry, hardware, and anything else you can imagine.

The unit is relatively small and lightweight. Thus, it is very portable, which makes it perfect for fishing.

Product Highlights

The VonHaus Tackle Box has an extensive and spacious upper section which you can use to store larger items such as tools or gloves. Located beneath that section are four smaller trays that have different compartments which you can adjust to have up to 13 separate smaller compartments. Use this section to store smaller objects that need to be sorted and stored away.

On top of the tackle box is a lock which can help keep everything in place. The whole unit is crafted from white plastic and can fold up and be carried. The total approximate dimension of this unit is 10.9 by 10.1 by 6.9 inches.

What's to like about the VonHaus Small Utility Tackle Box

This unit has multiple sections which you can use to customize your items. Use this to your advantage if you happen to have any oddly sized accessories. You can even upgrade it by purchasing another tray and some of the company's other tackle boxes.

What's not to like about the VonHaus Small Utility Tackle Box

The downside to this product is that it’s a lot smaller than most people expect. This means it may not be able to fit all of your essentials.


  • check
    2-in-1 utility box
  • check
  • check
    Multiple drawers and compartments
  • check
    13 Compartments


  • Small

5. South Bend Tackle Box

The South Bend Tackle Box is a small but excellent tackle box that is designed for adults and children older than 12 years of age. It comes with a separate tray that can be easily lifted up to expose the additional storage located underneath.

This kit comes with all the essentials your child would need to fish independently. Of course, adult supervision is still required.

If you’re an adult and you happen only to fish a few times a year, then this may also work for you as it’s compact and lightweight. It also comes in various colors such as hot pink, bright blue, grass green, and bright orange.

Product Highlights

This tackle box has all the small essentials that you would need when you’re setting up your first fishing rod. The only issue is that the accessories included aren’t really for expert or professional fishers.

The box contains a non-lead split shot sinker, a few multicolored floats, some brass swivels, and a hook remover. You will also receive up to six feet of fishing rod stringer. Overall, the tackle box comes with 88 fishing accessories.

On another note, there is a removable organizational tray which can help keep the box sorted while you transport it. The outside of the box does have a lock which can prevent it from spilling if it gets tipped over.

What's to like about the South Bend Tackle Box

We like that this kit comes with the essential accessories you’d need to get started as a fisher. This means you'll be well prepared when you're starting your fishing journey.

What's not to like about the South Bend Tackle Box

One of the issues we have with this is that the tackle box is pretty small when compared to other models. If you’re looking for a spacious tackle box, then you may want to skip on this one.

Also, experienced fishers might not be happy with the accessories that come with the box.


  • check
    Assortment of hooks
  • check
    Lead-free and multi-colored accessories
  • check
    Removable tray
  • check
    Suited for adults and children


  • Small
  • Some might not like the accessories


A tackle box can make a difference when it comes to having an enjoyable fishing experience. Many professional or expert fishers choose each of their accessories, but a majority of tackle boxes come with all the essential accessories that you’d need as a beginner or avid angler.

You can find different types of tackle box kits which include accessories specifically for freshwater, saltwater, or both. Tackle boxes are also designed to keep all of your fishing gear safe when you transport all of your equipment onto a boat.

Materials Used to Make Tackle Boxes

The materials that tackle boxes are crafted from are dependent on what company you’re purchasing the tackle box from. They come in various materials, but the most popular are the ones made out of durable plastic and other lightweight materials. The reason for this is because the boxes should be able to float on water if they are accidentally dropped.

They are also crafted from durable materials or those that are known to last long so that they won't get damaged easily. The only type of tackle box you should avoid is the one made of metal because these boxes are heavy and are prone to get dented.

Match Size to Function

The type of tackle box you get will be dependent on how much fishing accessories you own. The more hooks, bait, line, and sinkers you have, the larger the tackle box you will want. On the contrary, the larger the box and the less gear you have, the more likely it is for materials to slip around inside the box.

Hence, decide what size of box you need and think about where you’re going to be. If you’re planning to fish in a remote location, then you may want to invest in a smaller box that is easier to carry.

If you’re going on a fishing boat, you may be inclined to get a bigger box because you’ll want something that is more weighed down and less likely to slide around.

Types of Tackle Boxes

There are only two types of tackle boxes that are available; either soft or hard. Both are great options when it comes to choosing a carrying case for all of your fishing gear, but of course, there are upsides and downsides to each type of box. So, you’ll ultimately have to decide which one is better for you and which one you’d be more comfortable using.

First, let's look at the pros of a hard case tackle box. A hard case is built to last many years, so you can drop it, run it over, throw it, and it would still be able to do its job. Hard cases also offer extra protection for your possessions.

In fact, many cases will come with a worm proof tray in which you can keep your bait as you travel. Hard tackle boxes are also designed to be water resistant, and lastly, they usually have extra storage in the lid compartment.

Next, we look at the pros of soft case tackle boxes. Soft cases are often very light in weight and compact in size. Being limited on space when you’re packing for a trip is a struggle, and a soft case can be placed into a tight space, even in an awkward position. This means that you will have enough space in your bag.

Speaking of creating more space, soft cases often provide you with extra storage pockets located on the outside of the box for quick access. Additionally, soft cases are more variable when it comes to changing the type of trays or compartments that are inside.

Durability of Tackle Boxes

Investing in a durable and long-lasting box should always be one of your goals. You don’t want to end up purchasing a box that will be ruined in a matter of a few fishing trips. To avoid this, look for tackle boxes that are crafted from hard plastics and lightweight metals.

You should expect your tackle box to last a minimum of a few years. However, this will highly depend on how often you tend to take fishing trips. If you’re someone who goes fishing every day and expose it to damage, you should expect it to last for a shorter period.

Tackle Box Weight

The weight of tackle boxes is going to be different depending on what type of material it’s made out of, what type of trays are inside, and what type of fishing equipment you plan to put in it. Generally, plastic cases weigh around two pounds, the metal ones around four pounds, and soft case tackle boxes can range anywhere from four to 10 pounds.

Tackle Box FAQs

How to choose the best tackle box?

When choosing a tackle box, you should always write down exactly what type of environments you’ll be in, what type of materials you are bringing, and how durable you’ll want the box to be. Once you have these answers noted down, you can then use it to help you decide what type of tackle box you want.

A hard cased tackle box should be your first pick if you would be in bad weather conditions and if the case will be exposed to water. Choose one with a tray and you’ll be able to keep all of your little fishing accessories stored in their own compartments.

A soft cased tackle box is a bit different than a hard case and should only be chosen if you’re looking for more space, a lightweight carrying case, and one that can fit into tight spaces. Soft cases often offer you with more options in terms of what type of case you can put inside.

What is a good tackle box?

A tackle box is a durable, long-lasting box that is similar to a toolbox. The exterior is crafted from durable materials and is usually designed to withstand harsh treatment, bad weather, and different environments. The interior of the box usually has a tray which consists of multiple compartments.

How to set up a tackle box?

Setting up a tackle box is extremely simple to do. What you just need to do is determine how much space and compartments you’ll need. Once that is figured out, you can start placing your items into the box.

As a guide, you should place smaller gear in the compartments, the larger ones in the main body of the box, and if your box has exterior pockets or storage, place anything you need quick access to.

How to use a tackle box?

Once you have all of your fishing gear packed into your box, you can then start using it by transporting it to your fishing location. Make sure that you don’t put any heavy equipment on top of it and also make sure it’s not around any water unless the brand is explicitly designed to be water resistant.

Water can easily seep into the side of the box, so be sure to at least cover it with a tarp. When you’ve arrived at your destination, make sure that you put it in a place where it won’t get damaged.

How to remove tackle box smell?

Smelling an odor from a tackle box isn’t uncommon. Many times, you’ll put the fishing accessories right back into the box after fishing, which can result in a fishy residue and odor.

An excellent way to get rid of this is by pouring white vinegar all over the box and scrubbing. The white vinegar has properties that get rid of bacteria and other germs.

Allowing the box to soak in it after each trip can really stop the smell from building up over time. The more often you clean out your tackle box, the fewer chances you'll have of permanently causing your box to smell like fish.

FINAL VERDICT - Which is the best tackle box?

The best tackle box from our list is the Plano Prolatch Tackle Box. Out of all the boxes we’ve covered, it has the most compartments, a decent amount of startup equipment, and can be customized to have a small or large compartment. You can also purchase more dividers from the company for you to be able to create a tray that’s designed exactly how you need it to be.

Tackle boxes can be difficult to choose because there is such a large variety, but if you know what you’re expecting out of a box, then you'll be sure to find the right tackle box for your needs. Never go off of anyone else's ideas or rules when it comes to what type of box you should get. You will know.

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