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If you’re looking to ante up your fishing game by adding some tech to it, look no further. The Lowrance FishHunter was not built in a day, but can certainly make your day and and your catch of the day. 


In the following article, we are going to share with you the results of our research on some of the best fish finders on the market. 

We will let you know its characteristics, including the positive and negative sides.

About Lowrance FishHunter PRO

It is quite easy to guess the function of this device by its name – finding areas where schools of fish take place. With its broad searching scope you may search for different species of fish, locate their most common spots and try to catch them. 


The app which is coming with the very device can work with both Android and iOS programs, with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


As far as stylish components come to question, the FishHunter is an absolute champion. It will provide you with substantive findings from the transducer and convert them into RAW view. It will be the good old sonar view, meaning you’ll have a sonar feedback.


It will be very easy for you to observe anything happening under your vessel. It is so because this model will bring you the highest detail possible. 


Everything that the sonar scan captures will appear on your screen.


You will also have the possibility to gather data from the RAW sonar and rearrange it on the by by switching to FISH view. By projecting a simplified view from the water column, this mode will let you find fish in an easier way.


With the purpose of informing you about the appearance of some fish, this mode will visualize a fish icon showing the depth as well. As a fisher, you won’t get confused about which fish appeared, and which one was already there. It is a device you can use as an ice-fishing flasher as well.


Utilizing the dual beam sonar which operates on 475 kHz and 675 kHz, it happens it gives you more detailed feedback. Due to its capability to endure circumstances going down to thirty Celsius degrees below zero, you won’t have to worry about its performance.


It is also possible to catch fish behind your boat. Depending on your needs, the settings will let you customize the sonar feedback. 


There is an option to get notifications on your smartphone about anything the sonar captures in its range. 


The alarm will help you remain in touch with what is happening beneath you while fishing.

Frequency Fighter

Although not exactly a CHIRP sonar, it helps you approach this technology by giving high-definition feedback. The device may operate on 381 kHz, 475 kHz, and 675 kHz ranging frequencies which is possible due to the cutting-edge Tri Frequency transducer.


You will get the most precise scans when you are using the highest frequency of this sonar. 


Yet, you won’t use it for all circumstances since the lower frequencies operate better in deeper waters and will offer you a better scanning.

Strong Battery

It is important to note that the fish finder needs to be at a certain distance from the water to function. With a four times faster display action, the fish hunter becomes much more powerful with an ability to function 150 feet in depth and 160 feet in width. 


When it comes to the energetic potential of the device, you should know that it utilizes a lithium polymer battery. 


This means it will function well for ten hours straight which is excellent according to our opinion. We are all aware that fishing adventures may sometimes last longer than a couple of days. Thus, it would be smart to have a spare battery in your bag.

The blessings of not fishing from boats are now available to anglers, thanks to the FishHunter supplies. In the marine electronic market, this is not a covered area. It will be an ideal solution for fishermen enjoying their activities through the ice, or from docks, piers, and banks. 

Angling from the back of a boat is also an option.


It is a device you may take anywhere you go fishing. While angling you may cast it in the water and observe the results of the sonar or your smartphone or tablet screen. 


The FishHunter app will provide you with an excellent connection. The transducer will send the sonar data to the smartphone/tablet via a Wi-Fi connection. 


You won’t need internet or cellular connection for this.



Lowrance FishHunter PRO​

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Lowrance FishHunter PRO Features

Dependable Wi-Fi connection with no need of extra networking: this type of connection is much better than Bluetooth. The FishHunter and your mobile device/tablet will create a reliable contact which won’t need some kind of extra access. Your mobile phone will always be accessible for its main function.


Floating layout: it will be very difficult to submerge the device due to its unique design which prevents this from happening. This also means a better connection.


Various fishing imagery: the Fish View application will let you see fish as symbols. In Raw View you will get unfiltered sonar returns, while the Ice Fishing Flash and Raw views will be useful for fishing under ice.


Ability to make maps: By trolling this device behind your boat, you will be able to create custom color charts of any fishing spot or even a lake if you desire. 


Built-in LED light: it won’t be difficult to fish during the day, but the integrated LED light will give you the ability to see during night-time as well. It functions with a rechargeable battery.


Transducer with three frequencies: it supports different frequencies of 381 kHz, 475 kHz, and 675 kHz. They are all useful for different circumstances


Free FishHunter app: enables following friends, log catches, waypoints and even stream the catches. It is available for both Android and iOS software.


We mentioned before that the Wi-Fi connection of the FishHunter is one of the best. It has a floater with an excellent design which prevents it from sinking and breaking the connection with the smartphone.

It comes with LED light which will make it visible at any time during the day.


Will the FishHunter PRO work without internet connection or service?

The sonar has an integrated Wi-Fi chip which will maintain the connection between your phone and the device in all circumstances. You won’t need any kind of external internet signal to maintain it.

Is the size or the shape of the fish visible?

The fish outline on the screen will show you the approximate proportion of the potential catch. 

Is the transducer castable on a fishing pole?

Given its size and weight, this is absolutely possible.

Is the fish hunter useful at shallow depths or moving waters as well?

With its wide spectrum of frequencies, it is useful for all water depths.

Bottom Line

Lowrance FishHunter PRO is among the best fish finders available on the market. Fishermen of all calibers and interests may use it for their purposes in a quite easy manner. It doesn’t require any knowledge to master it. 


But, if you’re not sure yet and want to go through some more options, check our quick in depth guide on fish finders.

Lowrance FishHunter PRO​

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