Piscifun Fishing Fanny Pack Review

When going on a fishing adventure, you will need a bag that will help organize your fishing tackle and other gear. While there are large-size bags for this, there are also compact ones that you can easily bring anywhere with you. Such is a fishing fanny pack, which you can strap around your waist.

Portable tackle bags such as this one are lightweight and typically have padded straps that allow you to carry them in comfort. They are also equipped with multiple pockets where you can store your fishing necessities.

More than that, portable tackle bags can also double as your go-to bag to any outdoor adventures, such as when hiking, cycling, and camping. They can also be a great travel bag too. All these and more are what the Piscifun Fishing Fanny Pack offers.

Piscifun Fishing Fanny Pack

The Piscifun Fishing Fanny Pack can easily compete against other portable fishing tackle bags in the market. Its durability, for instance, is superior, which is evident in the fact that it’s made with high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship.

This fishing tackle bag boasts a number of features too, such as the following:

  • Compact and Lightweight Construction

This fishing bag is compact and weighs only 11.36oz (322 grams). It is the perfect size if you want a bag that you can easily carry around with you. With dimensions of 12.2″L x 4.7″W x 5.3″H (30.98 cm x 11.93 cm x 13.46 cm), this fishing tackle bag is one of the most portable bags you can get.

The Piscifun Fishing Fanny Pack is made with durable, scratch-proof nylon and a waterproof material on one pocket. The buckles are made with hard plastic that is highly-flexible, while the zippers used are premium SBS zippers that are resistant to corrosion.

  • Practical Unisex Design

Keep your hands free for other fishing tasks. This bag is worn like a belt bag, which makes it a practical choice for fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, and even when traveling. The stylish design is not only great for both men and women but also for children. The bag comes in four color variations, including army green, black, khaki, and camouflage.

With this bag’s numerous compartments, you can store just about anything. Its main compartment is roomy enough to hold items like cellphones, checkbooks, ID cards, and a wallet. You can even keep your passport in there. Your important things are secured because of the double zippers.

  • Plenty of Pockets

Apart from the multiple compartments inside, this belt bag also has five pockets on the bag’s exterior. These include one mesh pocket, two fastener pockets, and two zippered pockets. The mesh pocket is big enough to hold a water bottle, while the pocket on the left side is ideal for securing your keys.

In addition to all of these, there is also a hidden pocket that has anti-theft features. This pocket is great for hiding important documents and things like passport, IDs, currencies, and the likes.

  • Adjustable Belt System

For a personalized and snug fit, you can easily adjust the waist belt of this fanny pack. The quick-release buckle allows it to adjust up to 56 inches. For extra belt parts, there’s an easy-to-use loop fastener to keep it in place.

The adjustable waist belt is ergonomically designed to follow the body’s natural contour. What this means is that the belt feels comfortable on the waist even after long hours of wearing the bag.

  • Great Customer Service

Piscifun’s customer service is excellent. Plus, this bag comes with a one-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


  • Stylish, small, and lightweight
  • Offers multiple storage solutions
  • Designed with zippered pockets for safety
  • The adjustable belt can reach up to 56 inches
  • Provides a comfortable fit
  • Made with durable, high-quality materials
  • Allows improved mobility when doing outdoor activities


  • May be too small if you want to bring a lot of fishing tackles
  • Belt won’t adjust to fit a little kid

Summary of the Features

In summary, there are a number of features that make the Piscifun Fanny Pack a good investment. One is its compact size and a surprisingly roomy interior. This makes it easy to bring the bag around at any outdoor activity.

More than that, this bag also has multiple pockets both on its interior and exterior. Plus, it is also stylish enough to wear with your favorite casual gear. Lastly, it has an adjustable belt that allows a perfect fit of up to 56 inches waistline.

Comparison with Another Portable Fishing Tackle Bag

While the Piscifun Fishing Fanny Pack is an excellent choice for a small tackle bag, it is always nice to have options. One product that can compare closely to it is the LureMaster Multiple Pocket Waist Bag. Let us check out these two products and compare them.

In terms of size, the Piscifun bag has a slightly larger built compared to LureMaster’s 11.8″L x 3.5″W x 5.5″H (29.97cm x 8.89cm x 13.97cm) size. Although the difference is almost unnoticeable, it can have a big impact if you are to keep items like tablets and smartphones inside.

The Piscifun bag is made with high-quality nylon while the other bag is made with 420D PVC, which is a water-resistant material. Its strap or belt is made with nylon too. In terms of construction, though, the Piscifun bag is more durable, which is evident in the stitching and zippers used.

Both bags have adjustable belts, but Piscifun’s waist belt can adjust to a maximum of 56 inches, while the other product has a much shorter waist belt. One good thing about Piscifun’s waist belt is that it is easy to adjust, and once adjusted, it holds its place well.

Lastly, the two bags have five outer pockets each, and both of them have a mesh pocket to carry a water bottle.


All in all, we have concluded that the Piscifun Fanny Pack is still the better choice between the two. With its high-quality construction, intelligent design, and the manufacturer’s excellent customer service, it is a nice choice that is indeed worth buying.

We hope that this review will help you decide whether or not the Piscifun Fishing Fanny Pack will make a great tackle bag for you. If not, then don’t lose hope just yet. The market is filled with great options that might just be your next favorite fishing buddy!


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