PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box Product Review

Movies and television shows make fishing look like an easy task as one only needs to sit and wait patiently until a fish takes the bait. On the contrary, this outdoor hobby requires careful planning and organization skills. One has to be equipped with the proper gear and tools, and as such, an angler would need the proper storage solution.

There are plenty of tray boxes for fishing on the market. One of them is the PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box. Just how does it exactly fare? How does it compare to the competition?

PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box

The product under review is produced by Plano Molding, a maker of outdoor storage solutions.

Plano Molding was founded in 1952 by Warren Pete Henning who wanted to create a tackle box that is considerably lighter and more portable than the available tackle boxes made of metal. Henning is credited for making the first Plano tackle box made of molded plastic. Four years after, he revolutionized the tackle box design again by adding a cantilevered tray. After a decade, the Plano tackle box became the world’s best-selling tackle box.

These days, Plano Molding claims to be a leader in outdoor storage production. The firm has also ventured in the manufacturing of hunting storage solutions. It now produces various items such as tackle systems and bags, utility boxes, miscellaneous organizers, gun and archery cases, and hunting accessories. One of the tackle boxes the firm produces is the PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid 3 Tray Box.


The PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box boasts of many great features. It promises to be the perfect companion of any angler for his or her fishing expeditions.

For starters, this tray box allows for proper organization and storage of tools. It has a wide storage bottom with a depth of roughly 4.5 inches. It has a three-layered storage space trays that expand when the box is opened. The material is high-grade plastic.

This box has an access clamp to slide out the drawers or to open the top easily. The drawers are removable and can be replaced with stowaway boxes. The item comes with dividers and has heavy-duty brass-bailed latches.

The box measures 20.14 by 12.41 by 12.3 inches when closed. It weighs 8.86 pounds.


  • Wide bottom for storage of bigger tools
  • Additional storage space with the three-layer drawers
  • Removable drawers that are replaceable with stowaway boxes
  • Comes with dividers
  • Heavy-duty latches
  • High-grade plastic material


  • Contents need to be well balanced so items won’t spill out
  • Clasps tend to break easily


The PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box boasts of being able to store many items with its deep and wide storage bottom coupled with the three-layered storage space with drawers. The access clamp lets users slide out the drawers easily. The drawers are removable and can be replaced by stowaway boxes.

This tackle box, however, suffers from some design flaws. For one, the bottom storage should contain heavy items to prevent the box from tipping over when opened. The clamps also tend to break easily. This box is not waterproof or water-resistant as well.


The PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box has a number of competitors on the market such as the Flambeau classic three-tray tackle box.

This Flambeau three-tray tackle box promises to make organization convenient and easy. It has a lid compartment that is molded into the top box that allows quick access to frequently used items. It has a drawtite latch that keeps the lid secure. The box’s tongue and groove design of the base and lid keep the water out. The tackle tray box also has an oversized handle to make carrying the item comfortable.

The Flambeau classic three-tray tackle box is similar to the product being reviewed because of its wide and deep storage bottom and the expandable tray. What makes this tackle box better than the product under review is its tip-guard tray support. This feature prevents the box from tipping backward when the trays are loaded with tools.

The Flambeau classic 3-tray tackle box is also smaller with its dimension of 16 by 9 by 8.2 inches. It also weighs less at 3.75 pounds.

Another competitor is the Sougayilang Portable 4 Layers Fishing Box Sea. This box is made from high-strength ABS plastic and can hold as much as 50 kilos. It has a portable handheld design. The box has a large capacity and contains four small fishing boxes found at its body. The box also has a bulk storage area found under its lid. It is water-resistant.

The Sougayilang Portable 4 Layers Fishing Box Sea has a slightly different design from the product under review. It may have four trays, but they are not the extendable ones, unlike the two other tackle boxes. The Sougayilang tackle box is better than the product being reviewed when it comes to its water resistance.


There are many compelling reasons why one might consider buying the PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box. It has a large and deep storage area at its bottom and three trays that can hold many items. However, this product suffers a major flaw, namely its poor design. Unfortunately, this tackle box tends to tip backward when the trays are loaded and when there are not many items stored in the bottom area. It is not water-resistant either, which is one feature you could expect from a tackle box.

Other products on the market address the failings of the PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box. The Flambeau classic three-tray tackle box features tip-guard tray support while the Sougayilang Portable 4 Layers Fishing Box Sea is water-resistant.

Is the product being reviewed still a good buy? Well, if one has or intends to store many heavy items on the bottom part of the box and does not mind it not being water-resistant, then this is a good tackle box. However, those who do not want to deal with an out of balance box and a wet one is better off finding a different product.


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