Tips for Fishing in the Hawaii Island


Fishing forms a large part of the livelihood of Hawaiian Locals. Long before the arrival of any outsiders, the natives had already crafted very effective methods of harvesting this essential commodity by using spears, lines, nets, and other tools. These techniques have been passed down to generations, and even in this modern day, these traditional methods still linger.

Recreational fishing is a favorite sport for many tourists who flock Hawaii every year to do some old fashioned fishing along the shores.

If you are planning to join the bandwagon, here are a few fishing tips you might want to know.

1. Know the Tradition

A bit of background information will break the ice with your fishing buddies and will also be a great learning experience for you. Ancient Hawaii shore fishing was part of a traditional beach party called the hukilau which is still celebrated in many destinations on Hawaiian cruises. The ceremony involved tossing huge nets in the shallow waters near the shore then pulling them back in celebration and dance, hauling a colossal catch enough to feed the whole crowd. The natives preferred traditional fibres called olona which are both strong and durable.

The fibres could also make excellent fishing lines which were dyed to make them visible in the water. They would use bone, shells or carved wood as hooks and small fish and squid as bait. They would also fish using spears.

2. Get Acquainted with the New Fishing Methods

Fishing on the islands of Hawaii can be done in various ways although the principle remains the same. Some may opt for the traditional and rudimentary method of tying a line to a bamboo pole while others may settle for the state-of-the-art fishing rods with all the bells and whistles. Whatever your choice, nothing is off limits. Sometimes where you choose to fish may determine your tools of trade. Fishing in the rocky areas, for example, will preclude you from using a line. You may want to settle for a spear or kayak or canoe to maneuver to your preferred spot.

3. The Ulua Catch

Going after the famous Ulua, formally known as the giant trevally, is a fantastic sport with celebrations and a great reward with every catch. This mammoth fish that could weigh up to a hundred pounds requires two to three pounds of bait and is captured using a technique called slide baiting. This method involves a line with at the end with a large sinker weighing ten pounds or more, containing a hook that is meant to cling to the rocks at the bottom. The line is cast with multiple baits to increase the chances of making a catch. If you really want to get the big fish, consider fishing at night.

4. The Best Fishing Spots

The best fishing spots are well known by the local people and depending on your sociability, luck and the general attitude of the local fisherman towards you, they may or may not show you where they are. Try to get a conversation going over a beer or a meal for some hints. If that fails, look out for spot where fewer people are, the usually translates to more fish. Some great spots for fishing include Oneula Beach Park, Ewa Beach, Hickam AFB, and Wailua Bay. Waikiki Beach may not be a great place to fish so reserve the beach for leisure and enjoyment.

Fishing on the Hawaiian Island is a great experience and with these four tips, you’re ready to hit the shore and score you some prize specimens. A good catch will also get you some points with the locals and if you catch the Ulua you’ll have a celebration coming for you. All in all, have a great time fishing and stay safe always.

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