Where Are Plano Tackle Boxes Made? (Australia, South Africa, NZ, UK)

Imagine going fishing on a bright sunny day. You have put all the essential tools in your kit as well as found the boat, and now, you are sailing towards a perfect fishing spot. Once you are there, you throw the bait and wait for a while, and it is a success!

You have caught a six- to seven-kilogram bluefin tuna in your first attempt, and that was all possible due to the tackle kit you carried with you: the Plano Tackle Box. Now, as we are talking about it, have you ever wondered where are Plano Tackle Boxes made?

Tackle Boxes: Then and Now

It was the tale of that time when people used to carry heavy weighted tackle boxes for fishing. Those tackle boxes could not withstand the salty water of the sea, and they easily rusted. Such metal tackle boxes used to fluster people and fishers; they also had to replace the rusted tackle kits after a single use, making fishing an expensive and tiring activity.

However, this practice determined a man named Warren “Pete” Henning to revamp the tackle boxes. Henning designed the plastic-made Plano Tackle Boxes in 1952. These plastic tackle boxes are lighter, rust-free, and durable as well as have multistorey storage compartments. The journey was not as easy as it sounds though because he created the boxes at a time when plastic was not popular and had a bad reputation.

The creator of Plano Tackle Boxes started his work by using molded plastic, and in 1969, the manufacturers of the Plano Tackle Box realized the need for adding storage compartments, so they redesigned the tackle boxes with cantilever trays. In 1974, the first worm-free tackle boxes were introduced, and since then, the Plano Tackle Box is the best tackle box that everyone loves to use.

Where Are Plano Tackle Boxes Made?

The makers of Plano Tackle Boxes introduced themselves as the Plano Molding Company in 1932. This is where the Plano Tackle Boxes are made. They claim that eighty percent of the fishing market in the USA uses Plano Tackle Boxes, and this claim confirms the confidence they have on their product.

To achieve this confidence, the Plano Molding Company at Plano, Texas have been revamping their product since 1952. They bring innovation to their tackle boxes to improve the fishing techniques.

The company now has a line of products that facilitate fishers and hunters. With a versatile range of products, the Plano Molding Company is one of the leaders in the whole fishing industry.

The Plano Products

Now that we know where are Plano Tackle Boxes made, it’s time to look for other famous fishing products offered by the Plano Molding Company.

  • Satchels
  • Tackle backpacks
  • Rod tubes
  • Worm wraps
  • Speed Bag
  • Storage box
  • Spool box

For hunters, the Plano Molding Company offers a wide range of equipment as well. Be it the rifle case, gun guard, sportsman trunk, choke tube, arrow case, crossbow case or the ammo storage case, the Plano is a one-stop shop for every hunter and fisher.

Fishing Products of 2018

The objective of Plano Molding Company is to bring advancement to every fishing and hunting gear. To pursue this aim, they have been launching a series of innovative technologies. Their recent fishing products of 2018 are all about “making the most of every second in the water”.

The company’s updated fishing products are:

1. V Crate

Engineered specifically for Kayak fishing, the V crate is modeled on the milk crate and has improved storage functions. The waterproof bin in the base of the crate prevents the contents against salt water. It is compact, yet it provides plenty of room for all of your gears. This V crate is also available in 3700 Stowaway size.

2. Soft Crate

This is designed to complement storage options. It is soft, lightweight, and customizable. You can remove the sections easily for your convenience. With its compact size, this Soft Crate is ideal for beginners and skilled angler.

3. Z Series Bags

The Z Series features brazenly patterned and zipper-less tackle bags, tackle backpacks, and wraps. The products are durable and waterproof. The zipper-less bags are designed to give you easy access to your gear as compared to traditional zipper bags.

The pockets of bags are integrated with hook and loop closures. Similarly, the backpacks contain adjustable straps with slip pockets and tool holders.

4. KVD Series

This series includes KVD signature tackle bags that have molded tops and can hold a full-size stowaway utility box. Their TPE coating protects the bag from water, while their bright red interior increases the bag’s visibility in low light scenarios.

5. Weekend Series

The modern colored Weekend Series includes tackle cases, tackle bags, and speed bags that all offer plenty of easy-to-access compartments. With its grey and tan colors, the Weekend Series compliments your sports fishing styles. All the items contain D ring multiple MOLLE attachment points for increased storage.

Why Choose Plano Products?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose the Plano products:

  • They always try to provide improved storage in every tool.
  • Their products are best at resisting water; in fact, the watertight Dri-Loc O-ring seals reduce the chances of water leaks.
  • The Stowaway utility boxes of Plano Molding Company offers a dozen configurations and these utility boxes are available in four different sizes.
  • The Hydro Flo bags drain out the water from the bags to keep the gears free of water. This feature also allows you to rinse the bags easily.
  • With the Utili Tackle Bottom Rail System, you can strap down the bag to your boat, allowing you to access the gears easily.


Started with the improved tackle boxes, the Plano Molding Company is now one of the leading suppliers of gears in the fishing industry. They did not limit their technologies for the tackle boxes; instead, they have been recreating the essential gears.

Whenever you are out for hunting or fishing, the products of Plano Molding Company take care of your every need. They provide you with the best experience. So, whenever you throw bait for the fish the next time, do not forget to look for the Plano signature on your gears because it is all that you need in the wild.

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Plano Molding is manufactured in Plano, Illinois. Not Plano, Texas.


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