Best Fishfinder For Small Boat 2019 [Update]

Best Fishfinder For Small Boat

If you’re looking for a great way to help improve your chances of finding fish and you would like to have an easy way to know exactly where the fish are in the water, then you would benefit greatly from purchasing the best fishfinder for small boat. A fish finder is an excellent way to get a view into what is happening below your boat, so you know exactly where to cast your line.

If you’re looking to add a fish finder to your boat but don’t know what to look for, you have come to the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll know all about what to look for in a fish finder as well as what some of the tops recommended fish finders are for use on your small boat.


Product Name


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Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

​Deeper Smart PRO+ 

(Editor’s Choice)

Phone Display

FishHunter Directional 3D Fishfinder

FishHunter 3D Fish Finder

Phone Display

iBobber Smart Fish Finder - Best Kayak Fish Finder

iBobber Smart Fish Finder

Phone Display

HawkEye FT1PXC Fishtrax Fish Finder

HawkEye FT1PX Fish Finder


Erchang Sonar Fish Finder

Erchang Sonar Fish Finder


Garmin Striker 4DV

Garmin Striker 4DV


Best Fishfinder For Small Boat Reviews

1. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+

Perhaps one of the coolest fish finders that you are going to find on this entire review post, this finder works directly with your Smartphone to help transmit all of the data it collects from the water. Simply put the fish finder into the water and using the app, you can connect it to your smartphone so that all of the readings and details come to your smartphone so you can figure out what is happening below the water. Rather than watching what happens on the actual fish finder screen, you can watch from your phone, which is something you are used to using on a daily basis.

The PRO+ can be used in both fresh and salt water, and it uses a dual frequency sonar to help deliver some of the best images that you are going to find with comparable fish finders in this price range. Additionally, it comes with a rechargeable battery and on a single charge, can last up to five and a half hours, which is more than enough to get through your fishing trip without dying. It is incredibly small and ultra light so it easy to bring with you wherever you go, and if it does die, it recharges in just two hours.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses your Smartphone as a screen
  • Works in both fresh and salt water
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 5.5 hours on one charge
  • Small and ultra light
  • Recharges in just two hours

2. FishHunter Directional 3D Fishfinder

Similar to the product that was mentioned above, this is going to be another type of fish finder that doesn’t contain its own screen but rather works of your smartphone and an app to deliver the pictures and readings directly to you. This fish finder comes with five powerful tri-frequency transducers including 381 kHz, 475 kHz, and 675 kHz, which all help to give you very high resolution and more coverage area than any of the other wireless fish finders that are currently available on the market.

You’ll have your choice of five different sonar viewing options with this particular product. You can choose from bathymetric mapping, 3D fishing, 3D structure mapping, directional casing and an ice fishing flasher view.

This fish finder can work in a depth range of up to 160 feet and a range of about 100 feet when it comes to ice fishing. You won’t have to worry about access to Wi-Fi or anything like that when you use it because it has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with a range of up to 150 feet. Additionally, it doesn’t require a cellphone tower either, so it can be used anywhere you need it which makes it the perfect option for any boat, kayak or canoe.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses your phone as a screen
  • Apps deliver your pictures and readings
  • Five powerful tri-frequency transducers
  • High resolution
  • Five sonar viewing options
  • 160-foot depth range
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

3. iBobber Smart Fish Finder

Once again, this is another fish finder that works using an app on your smartphone to display the readings. However, this is one of the most affordably priced products on this entire list, and it packs in a ton of great features that help support that cause. For one, this fish finder uses a patented sonar fish identifier technology that allows it to show you exactly where the fish are in the water.

Additionally, the battery on this finder is rechargeable and even comes with a battery indicator, so you know when to charge it. On just one charge, you’re going to get 10+ hours of use so that you never have to worry about the batteries giving out on you.

You’re going to get accurate sonar readings with this finder all the way down to a depth of almost 135 feet. There are two different snap swivel connections so that you can use it as a bobber or as a remote fish finder. Best of all, once you buy the unit itself, there is no extra cost because the app is free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses your Smartphone as a display screen
  • Patented sonar fish identifier technology
  • Rechargeable battery with battery level indicator
  • Ten plus hours of battery life
  • 135 feet depth range
  • Two snap swivel connections
  • Works on Android and iOS

4. HawkEye FT1PX Fish Finder

If you don’t want a wireless bobber and you want a traditional fish finder that displays everything you need on the unit itself rather than connecting to your smartphone, then this might be one of the better choices for you. It comes with a black and white screen, which can be a little bit of a drawback since more and more people wish to go with color screens. The display is a VirtuView Dot Matrix display that shows you where the fish are located and what it looks like under the water.

Additionally, the fish finder uses a dual-frequency FishTrax Intelligent Sonar that helps to give accurate readings of what is underwater and the water depth detection can come in handy

if you happen to be fishing in an unfamiliar area and you are wondering how deep the water is. Furthermore, it can tell you how deep the fish are in the water which can help you make decisions on where to cast your line. This unit can be handheld and portable at all times or can be mounted onto your boat for handsfree operation.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses a screen on the unit
  • Black and white screen
  • VirtuView Dot Matrix Display
  • Dual-frequency FishTrax Intelligent Sonar
  • Fish Depth indicator
  • Handheld and portable
  • Mountable

5. Erchang Sonar Fish Finder

Once again, this is another type of fish finder that has the screen and everything you need to be built right into the unit itself. Additionally, you’re going to love to know that it is one of the lowest priced options on this review post, so if you are trying to shop on a budget, this is going to be the one you want to buy.

It can detect and display both the water depth and the water temperature as well as the fish size and their approximate location in the water. With the 3-inch dot matrix LCD screen, you’re going to be able to see the screen clearly even when you are in the sun.

The round transduce sensor has a 30-foot cable and a 45-degree beam angle. In terms of some of the other helpful features that you are going to find, you’ll get a battery saving mode if you need to stretch the battery a little longer, you can enjoy a backlit screen for nighttime use and this unit can even be used in muddy water that is usually tough for fish finders to work in.

Highlighted Features

  • Screen built into the unit
  • Detects water depth and temperature
  • Fish size and location
  • Battery saving mode
  • Backlit screen
  • Works in muddy water

6. Garmin Striker 4DV Fish Finder

The Garmin Striker 4DV is another unique model of fish finder that is great for portability. It has a strong outer shell so that it can take a beating while you are out on the water, and can hold up against harsh weather and marine environments.

This unit has a powerful GPS receiver that lets you mark and record all of your favorite fishing spots. The GPS also indicates how fast you are traveling. It features a waypoint map for navigation, and a CHIRP sonar system that continuously sweeps the area to give your finder detailed feedback of where you are and the fish around you. It also has a built in flasher so that you can view your sonar data in the classic flasher format.


  • Accurate GPS system that also displays how fast you are moving
  • You can record all of your favorite fishing spots
  • Waypoint map for navigation and CHIRP sonar system for an accurate display of the water and fish around you
  • Built in flasher and classic flasher view format


  • This unit is built with a mounted transducer, but does not include maps with it
  • he screen is pretty small for the features it offers.

How To Choose The Right Fishfinder For Small Boat


When you go to buy your fish finder, you will have the option of choosing between a single, dual or multiple frequency transducers. The frequencies are one of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to the transducers, and many of the transducers will come with frequencies related to the cone angle. The higher the frequency you buy, the more detail will show up on your screen because there are more sonar waves being sent out.

If you fish in shallow water, higher frequencies are the way to go. You should always try and find a finder that has multiple frequencies, especially if you are fishing on multiple different types of water. If you fish on only one type of water, a single frequency will be fine.


The power of the fish finder is going to be an important consideration depending on how you plan on using your fish finder and where you plan on fishing. The greater the wattage of the unit, the quicker you are going to see your readings and the deeper it is going to go in the water.

The lesser the wattage, the slower the unit will be to display readings, and you’ll find it better suited for shallow water. As a quick note of reference, the deeper the water, the more power you need. The shallower the water, the less power you are going to need.

Screen Resolution

Often overlooked, the screen resolution is going to be important because the more pixels there are in the resolution, the clearer the readings are going to be. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a sharp image, then you want the most pixels.

At the minimum, make sure you get a screen with a resolution of 240 x 160. Even at this, the image is going to be pretty blocky, so you will be disappointed if you’re looking for a clear image.

If you’re looking for this fish finder to be your main unit, I recommend spending the money to get a bigger screen size and more resolution. With that, you’ll be able to see everything as clear as you need to.


Color technology is one of the newer trends when it comes to screens in electronics because it allows for so much greater detail by showing millions of different colors rather than just the 256 shades of gray you get with a black and white screen.

With color on a fishfinder, you’re going to get better detail so you can see much clearer what is happening in the water. The color screens are also much easier to see in bright light which is a big consideration when it comes to fishing.


Lastly, the transducers are going to be one of the more important consideration when you go to buy a fish finder because they are what emits and receives the sonar waves. These send the signals to the water, and once they bounce off of the underwater objects, the transducer will pick them up again.

It is then sent to the main unit to be converted into a picture so you can understand what it happening. Most fish finders you will see have transom mount transducer which is incredibly easy to mount and require little installation.

Final Verdict

Now that you have had the chance to go over all of the information that was presented above including what you should look for when it comes to buying the best fishfinder for small boat as well as what some of the tops recommended products are, you should have no problem figuring out which fish finder is going to meet your needs best. If you want to find one that will be perfect for you, checking out one of the six products recommended above is a great place to start.

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