Best Fly Tying Kit Reviews And Buying Guide 2020

Best Fly Tying Kit

One of the most fun ways to enjoy the outdoors is with fly fishing. If you have never discovered fly fishing, it’s using floating lures that resemble flies on the water to catch fish. Fly lures are generally made by the fisherman them self. Tying flies may seem difficult at first, but there are some great kits to help make it easy and enjoyable for almost anyone. If you want a fun new adventure, here are some of the best fly tying kits available.

Comparison of Fly Tying Kit 

Product Name


Type of Kit


Dr Slick Fly Tying Tools Gift Set with Fly Box Combo


Tools only

Fly Tying Material Starter Kit

18 packs

Material Only

WETFLY Deluxe Kit with Book and DVD


Full Kit

Scientific Anglers Deluxe Fly Tying Kit


Full Kit

Orvis Fly-tying Kit (Editor's Choice)

7 tools plus enough to make 160 flies

Full Kit

GSW Premium  Kit w/ Super AA Vise 


Tools Only

Creative Angler Deluxe Kit for Tying Flies.


Full Kit

Recommended 7 Best Fly Tying Kit Reviews

1. Dr Slick Fly Tying Tools Gift Set with Fly Box Combo

Dr. Slick is a company that was founded by a surgeon because he loved fly fishing. That surgeon wanted the same quality tools for fly fishing that he had in the operating room. Out of that desire, the Dr. Slick Company was formed.

Every tool created by Dr. Slick goes through a six point inspection before being sent to market. Made to exacting requirements, and out of the best materials, this kit makes sure to be long lasting and precise for what you need.

This set is seven pieces to help anyone from the novice to the expert create the flies they need. It comes in a great case, making it the perfect gift for anyone interested in fly fishing. While the tools are great, and very well made, that means the cost is a bit higher than other similar sets.

Another drawback is that the kit doesn’t include any instructions for the beginner to get started, but regardless, this is a wonderful gift for others or for yourself.


  • High quality materials
  • 6 step inspection process
  • Great gift case
  • Good for beginners or experts


  • Instructions not included

2. Muskoka Lifestyle Products Best Starter Fly Tying Kit

While the first review was for tools, this kit is more about the materials needed to make flies. Technically being an 18 piece kit, each of those 18 pieces is a bag or pack or lots of material. Purchasing this allows you to stock up on all of the feathers and dubbings in many styles and colors.

Making what feels like an unlimited supply of streamers and nymphs is a breeze with this kit. Both wet or dry style of flies can be created from the included contents as well. It helps that many of the included products are difficult to find elsewhere. Adding the benefit of receiving some truly rare materials.

The only drawbacks are that there are so many different types of materials available that even this kit doesn’t have everything a person would want. While there may be some items you’d like to add as well, that doesn’t mean the amount of material you get from here is anything to laugh at. Plus the quantity is a great saving compared to higher prices for buying each material individually.


  • 18 packs or bags of different materials
  • Great for tying wet or dry flies
  • Material for streamers and nymphs
  • Rare materials to fill your stock with


  • Some common desirable materials not included

3. WETFLY Deluxe Fly Tying Kit with Book and DVD

When you want to be able to dive right in and start tying flies without any other steps, this is the kit for you. It includes some crafting materials, the tools, a great guide book and a how to DVD to get you started. For beginners, or those that are relearning the process, this kit is a perfect place to start.

Having a vise, scissors, hack pliers and other necessary tools together in a kit with high quality dubbing, feathers, chenille and other materials saves time and money. Purchasing each of the items individually would really raise the price and can be difficult to find all of them together while out at the local sporting goods store.

All of the pieces come together in a solid carrying case, which makes it easy to keep everything organized. Considering the size and type of materials, it’s easy to lose them if they aren’t well secured, so having the case prevents loss or damage.

The one drawback we discovered was that while the kit includes most everything to get started, it was lacking one necessary tool. The kit does not have a whip finisher, which makes it tough to complete some flies.


  • Includes almost everything you need
  • Economical price for all the pieces
  • Instructional book and DVD help beginners get started
  • Carrying case keeps everything safe and organized


  • No whip finisher

4. Scientific Anglers Deluxe Fly Tying Kit

As fly tying kits go, this one is well stocked to get you started while still being light on the wallet. Including most of the tools you’ll need most, this kit will certainly get you started on the path to making your own flies fast.

Set for beginners or intermediate users, this kit includes a DVD to get you started tying flies right. The one tool that is missing that would be greatly appreciated is a whip finisher, but everything else you need is here. Stored in a hard shell case, that keeps all of the tools well organized and has space for the materials, this product is a well protected investment.

As with other full kits, the materials are fairly limited but you can still manage to make around 32 flies from this kit. With just a few extra materials that can be expanded on quickly, but the kit alone is plenty to start enjoying the outdoors.

For the price, this kit is great, but it should be noted that this is made for people tying flies as a hobby. The tools are not at the quality that a professional would like, but they get the job done. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with using each tool, without the cost needed to buy the best tools on the market.


  • Includes instructional DVD
  • Cost effective beginner set
  • Enough material for up to 32 flies
  • Great set to learn how to use tools from


  • No whip finisher

5. Orvis Fly-tying Kit

One of the most inclusive fly tying kits you can find, this set allows you to make up to 160 flies without needing any other supplies. Including a DVD from one of the best fly tying videographers, Tim Flagler, you’ll learn how to tie flies correctly and easily.

The tools in this kit are some of the highest quality that we looked at. Included in this set are a bodkin, half-hitch tool, hackle pliers, hair stacker and whip finish tool. The most complete kit we’ve reviewed so far, with this purchase you’re ready to go as soon as you open the case.

With 16 patterns, and enough materials to make 10 flies per pattern, this will help you create flies for any location. The tools are made to be durable, but they aren’t the highest quality, so they may be lacking for professional purposes. This kit is best for the beginner or hobbyist that wants to learn to make lots of styles of flies without needing to make other purchases.

Ultimately, one of the best all around kits for someone that either is just beginning or wants the most economical deal. This kit supplies enough to keep anyone busy for days, and be sure to get the fish on.


  • Includes enough material for 160 flies
  • 16 different patterns included
  • All tools necessary are included
  • Excellent instructional video


  • Tools less durable than expected

6. GSW Premium Fly Tying Kit w/ Super AA Vise

When it comes to tying flies, the tools are what make the difference. While learning may be easier to do with less quality equipment, once you have learned the techniques and mastered the patterns, then having better tools is a necessity.

GSW offers this kit, of 11 tools, that are a step up from those beginner sets, yet they still won’t break the bank. Many of the are made from a premium brass, ensuring they are strong and long lasting. The kit even includes a rotatable whip finisher, with a brass handle, to ensure you can finish flies as easily as possible.

This set comes in bulk packaging, meaning there is no case or container to store the tools in. While that saves a bit of money, it can be rather inconvenient to have to come up with another way to keep the tools protected. It also makes transporting them more difficult if you want to take them on a long fishing trip or use them in the field.

This kit is the tools only, so there is no materials with it, and no instructions either. GSW made this kit available with the intermediate level user in mind.


  • Durable, premium materials
  • Includes rotatable whip finisher
  • Created for intermediate users
  • Most tools made from brass


  • Bulk packaging makes storage or transport after purchase more difficult

7. Creative Angler Deluxe Fly Tying Kit for Tying Flies

The 23 pieces included in this full kit are designed for the beginner to get started tying flies right away. Although the kit is lacking a whip finisher from the tools, it has everything else essential to start making fly lures. The kit has a guide book and DVD to help teach you the right way to start your flies, and how to finish the patterns correctly.

A hard sided case holds all of the tools and materials, making it easy to transport to the field or store at home. The case protects the contents from damage so that you know the materials will be there when you need them.

The tools are lower quality than some of the tools available, but the materials included make up for that. Having good quality saddle hackle, marabou, chenille and dubbing makes sure you’ll have quality flies when you finish. With three sizes of hooks included as well it means you can target large or small fish while you’re outdoors.


  • Large full kit
  • Includes good quality materials
  • IThree sizes of hooks included
  • Book and DVD instructions for beginners


  • Low quality tools

What to Look For When Buying a Fly Tying Kit

There are all sorts of different fly tying kits available, from those that include everything, to those that are just tools or materials. Knowing what you will want, or need, is important to deciding what you’ll want to purchase.

Where Will You Be Fishing

The first question that needs to be answered, is where you will be fishing. If you are headed to fresh water lakes, ponds or other still waters, then you’ll want to have flies that can be visible from long distances. Having the right rod, line and leaders make a big difference too. For more information on preparing for still water fishing, check out this information from Orvis.

For other regions, or types of water, then other equipment and flies will be necessary. It’s important to check out the local environment. Ask about fly hatches so that you know what kind of insects the fishing are eating, and be prepared to make alterations or tie flies on the go.

What Tools Are Most Critical

While there are many different tools out there, and each kit comes with different selections of tools, there are a few that you definitely should have. Whether you plan on getting them in a kit, or purchase them individually, here’s what should be in your fly tool box:

  • Vise: A quality vise is necessary to hold the hook steady while you tie around the hook. If the vise isn’t sturdy enough, or doesn’t hold the hook well, then you’ll always struggle to get the fly completed.
  • Bobbin Holder: Bobbins are the little spools that thread and wire are wrapped around. While tying flies can be done without something to hold the bobbin, it is extremely difficult, and likely impossible for a beginner. Bobbin holders fix that problem and make it so you can get the job done without struggling.
  • Scissors: While just about any scissors will make due, there are fly tying scissors made specifically for this hobby. They are designed with the needs of tying onto a small target with thread and wire in mind, making it easier to get the job done. While some may be overly specialized for a beginner’s needs, having a pair of fly tying scissors will make the task more manageable.
  • Hackle Pliers: Hackle pliers are tools that help hold threads, feathers, and other materials to wrap around posts, shanks or bodies for the flies. Hanging onto materials as they are wrapped or while they are tied is easier with hackle pliers performing the job of what a third hand could do.
  • Whip Finish Tool: A whip finish is a type of not, used to complete the fly. Whip finish tools appear like oddly bent wires, that assist in rotating the thread around the hook to tie it off.
  • Bodkin: A bodkin is a tool that helps apply cement or glue to a finished fly. They make it easy to precise with the location and amount of cement used.
  • Dubbing Twister: Dubbing is one of the materials used in making flies. Generally it comes from animal fur, and helps with the appearance and flotation of the fly. A dubbing twister does what the name implies, it helps twist the dubbing around the hook so that it maintains a natural appearance as you tie the fly.

After ensuring you have the tools you need, and knowing where you’re going to be using the flies, then you’re ready to start making them for yourself or for your friends.

Final Verdict

After reviewing some of the top fly tying kits we found on the market, we decided on one that was better than the rest for what we wanted. We took into account the tools, the materials, the ease of learning and the storage of the kit. For the beginner fly tier, it makes sense to have all the tools you’d want plus material in one quick place. For that reason, we chose the Orvis Fly-Tying Kit as our choice.

We like to share product recommendations with you and hope you like them! Just to make you aware FishingLab may collect a small share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.


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