Raymarine Element 7 HV: THE 2021 REVIEW

By James Williams | December 25th, 2020











Are versatile multifunctional navigation systems what every boat owner needs? 


Most experienced users know that dependable performance outweighs cutting-edge yet non-essential features. 


The Raymarine Element 7 HV is an affordable fish finder device with unrivaled processing speed and sonar technology.

About Raymarine Element 7 HV

The 1.2 Mhz sonar technology brought by Element’s Hypervision will provide you with the clearest image of the underwater. The DownVision, SideVision, and RealVision 3D resolution turn to a new level of fish identifying and precision imaging. 


You will begin seeing vegetation, structures, and fish with extraordinary realistic sharpness.


The Element will become your trusted companion in a short period, given its affordable design and simple performance. The navigation displays of the Element series will bring you the privilege to cruise on open areas. 


The fast and accurate 10Hz GPS integrated into the device will lead the way after you select your destination.


Its display is viewable under direct sunlight and delivers charts in wonderful color. It is due to the quad-core processor offering a highly-responsive performance.

Standard Sonar

A Single-channel High CHIRP Sonar with a 9-pinned connector comes with the Element S. A 1.2 megahertz HyperVision sonar technology. 


It leads to a new level of fish identification and precision imaging. This is possible by turning up the resolution of DownVision, SideVision, and RealVision 3D. It is how you may see the fish, vegetation, and structures in excellent quality.

Rapid performance

Rapid redrawing of the chart and permanent 3D rendering is possible through a simple software layout. It runs with a fast quad-core processor.

Lighthouse Sport Operating System

With its simple menus, it offers a pretty easy way to operate. The Lighthouse Sport OS can be the best option for boaters who look for simplicity.

Specifics of control units

The WVGA type 7-inches display of the Raymarine Element 7 HV has optical bonds, as well as an 800H x 480v pixel resolution. 


It provides superb visibility from every possible angle from 70-degrees, along with a LED blacklight with 1500 nits. It can withstand incidental water exposure without a problem as it is IPX7 waterproof.  


Three pages at the home screen can have around six app combinations providing quick access. 


The unit has a keypad-operated interface like the other units of the Element HV series. Touchscreen technology is not included. Specific to the Element HV line of units is the internal operating system called LightHouse Sport. 


Waypoints, routes, and other files can easily fit in the 8.0 GB internal memory storage device. 


It has exceptionally dependable applications due to the quad-core internal processor. Here are the remarkably useful control and navigation tools as well.


The device offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, as well as SeaTalk and NMEA 2000 software networking. 


This means you can combine them into a boat grid and install assessment and communication from VHF radio, heading sensors, etc.

Wi-Fi Connection


Near the power button, there is a microSD card reader covered by thick rubber protection. 


To download software updates, or sync it with your tablet or smartphone, you can connect it to a Wi-Fi hotspot.


A sun cover, a transom mount for the transducer, a surface mounting kit, and a classic trunnion bracket come with the unit package.

Menu interface

As you are observing the navigation display changing in real-time, you may customize charts and change settings.

Navionics + Small Download Chart

This option will help you save 100 pounds in comparison to separate purchasing. 


You will have the ability to add the small chart by your choice from the Navionics website together with the blank card.

HV-100 Transom Mount Transducer

You may use the 350kHz Standard imaging for great resolution and exceptional range. 


The Raymarine Element HV units are a perfect match for the all in one transducer. In DownVision and SideVision modes, it provides the user with super high-resolution imaging.

Excellent Performing Sunlight Proof 7” Display

The Element 7HV will enable every user with sharper 3D sonar imaging and faster map redraws. 


This is possible with its quad-core processor and keyed display. A simplified user interface is a hallmark of its Lighthouse Sport operating system. 


You can mark your favorite fishing or travel locations with an oversized waypoint key.

Mapping with Navionics+  

Including the geographic maps of the entire coast and all lakes in the United States and Canada, you’ll get all the information you need. 


This includes information about fishing, cruising and sailing, as well as, contours and marine services. Lighthouse Charting, C-Map 4D and Navionics Platinum Plus is a perfect fit for the Element.

CHIRP Sonar of High-performance 

It offers exceptional sonar performance when you combine it with an extra compatible transducer. 


It functions well with RealVision 3D, DownVision, and SideVision. The HV100 Transom Mount, the HV300 Plastic Thru Hull and the HV300 Plastic Thru Hull are compatible for pairing with the transducer.


Be sure that you are going to get the best underwater image since these transducers adjust to different frequencies. 


They achieve high-quality imaging up to 125 feet with the 1.2 mHz sonar. SideVison out to 300 feet and DownVision up to 600 feet are possible with the 350 kHz mode.


The Element also provides RealVision 3D which draws the bottom in a 3D view so that you can clearly see ledges, channels and contours. 


All of this technology is provided through one of the HV transducers listed above. *Element RealVision 3D only operates in scrolling mode.

Internal Memory of 8GB 

This is quite enough for the user to store around 15 tracks, 150 routes, and ten thousand waypoints. 


You can expand this capacity to 32GB by buying a bigger SD card. Simplified networking is one of the extra features you are going to get with your Raymarine 7HV.  


It comes with the NMEA 2000 connectivity which affects your heading sensor integration, VHF radio, engines,  etc.


It is one of the best fish finders and GPS tools which won’t exceed the amount invested. Know this for sure when you buy the Raymarine Element 7HV!

Software Updates are Regular at Raymarine 

The company makes a continuous attempt to bring support for new tools and upgrade the act of existing ones. 


Lighthouse Sport v3.9.98 is Raymarine’s newest software release. It enables you to connect two Element displays for waypoint sharing through SeaTalk NG. Yet, moving waypoints between groups or route sharing are not supported.


The v3.9.98 software release provides an autopilot support feature. 


The Sea Talk NG will allow Elements to output navigation data to a connected autopilot. Users will have the ability to track a route or a waypoint. 


You’ll need a control head since autopilot control is not possible. 


Element units can also connect to the Wireless Quantum Radar through Wi-Fi due to the latest software update. 


MARPA is not applicable to Elements. From Raymarine’s website or straight to your device via a Wi-Fi connection, the software updates are free and accessible. 


You may need a software update as well.

Raymarine Element 7 HV Review

The Element will bring the clearest view of the underwater world with its high-quality sonar technology. 


It features the game-changing 1.2 MHz HyperVision. The producer designed it for boaters who tend to be one step ahead in the angling game.


You’ll be able to see vegetation, structures, and fish with photo-like clarity. DownVision, SideVision, and Raymarine RealVision 3D are possible due to Hypervision technology. 


The sonar brings the next level of fish identification and precision.



Raymarine Element 7 HV

raymarine element 7hv review


7-inches display with an integrated GPS/GNSS receiver – compact and high-performance under direct sun.


Super high-resolution imaging up to 125 feet with the multi-channel 1.2 MHz HyperVision sonar. Photographic imaging up to 600 feet with DownVision and 300 feet SideVision.


Integrated RealVision 3D sonar: with this tool, you can identify the position of ledges, channel beds, contours, etc. in a precise manner.


The 3D Sonar HyperVision mode gives a next-level positional orientation and 3D resolution.


HV-100 all-in-one transom transducer is a combination of regular CHIRP sonar channels and Hyper, Down, Side, RealVision 3D. A simple installation is what makes them all fit.


Great memory capacity for tracks, routes, and waypoints.


NMEA2000 that provides VHF, AIS & Engine connection.


Suitable with C-MAP 4D MAX+ & Navionics+.


HyperVision will turn the resolution up.


Enjoy a new level of precision-imaging to DownVision, SideVision, and RealVision 3D. This is possible with the combination of CHIRP technology and 1.2 MHz frequencies by HyperVision.


Super-high resolution imagery up to 100 feet is possible with the 1.2 MHz HyperVision mode.


The basic 350 kHz CHIRP sonar enables high-definition coverage on a longer range which may reach 600 feet.


The avantgarde CHIRP sonar of Element can do the work for fish targeting, rapid-speed bottom scanning up to 900 feet. It does this helpful operation at 200KHz frequency.


The successful story about Element doesn’t end at this point. 


You will get a chart redrawing, quick response, and neat RealVision 3D imaging with the quad-core processor. The simple keypad control and the user-centered LightHouse Sport software will help you remain on target.


You can save your favorite locations on the large waypoint key.  


The RealBathy is a custom map creator which is going to produce a map of the desired location while the boat is running fast.


Raymarine Element 7 includes a large list of features. They are the RealBathy, HyperVision, 2D CHIRP, GPS, and Navionics+ charts. 


Those specifics make it a decent mid-range fish finder and chart plotter. The LightHouse Sport software runs the cutting-edge HV-100 HyperVision transducer.

NMEA 2000 and SeaTalk will provide you with superb networking possibilities. 


The package comes with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t need a deepwater search, this inland fishing & navigation unit can prove pretty useful offshore.


Is a memory card for saving GPS coordinates coming in a package with the Raymarine device?

This is a thing you won’t need in practice, since the Ramymarine Element HV7 itself comes with 8GB of internal memory.


Does the Raymarine Element 7 HV support Ethernet?

This, unfortunately, isn’t an option but the device maintains a pretty solid connection via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Is touchscreen technology featured on the display?

This option is not included in this model. Yet, the button controls of the operating software manage to deliver smart and proper control of the fish finder.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for fish on their territory, the Raymarine Element HV will give you the leading role. Instead of losing time, technology will bring you what you’ve been looking for. 


Its high-ended sonar technology will bring you the best look of the environment below the water.


It comes with an HV-100 transom mount transducer. 


The DownVision, SideVision, and three-dimensional RealVision will bring you to another level. You will be able to see vegetation, underwater structures, and fish with amazing clarity.


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