6 Best Hip Waders for Fishing 2019 [Updated List] (Fly Fishing, Warm, Waterproof, Neoprene)

Best Hip Waders for Fishing

Hip waders are very tall boots used for fishing. If you like to fish while standing out in the water, you will need hip waders in order to keep your legs and feet dry and at regular temperature. Hip waders will also keep you from collecting harmful bacteria that is found in lake and river waters.

Hip waders are meant to protect your entire legs. They can either be worn as suspender or as very high leggings. The most common material of hip wader is rubber. Hip waders can also be worn in the event of heavy rainfall and flooding.

A great pair of hip waders have to be tough, flexible, and of course, comfortable to wear, just like any pair of shoes that you are looking to buy. Hip waders must also have reliable cleats so you do not slip and fall when walking with wet legs.

Buying clothes online can be tricky, considering you cannot try them on before you buy them. Thankfully, we are here to tell you which are the flat-out best hip waders for fishing. Here are six popular pairs of hip waders that we will look at.

Product Name





Hodgman Mackenzie Nylon and PVC Cleated Bootfoot (Editor's Choice)


7 to 13


Allen River Bootfoot Hip Waders


7 to 13


Hodgman Caster Neoprene Cleated Bootfoot Chest Waders


7 to 13


Frogg Toggs Rana II PVC/Nylon Hip Wader


7 to 13


Sougayilang Boot-Foot Chest Waders


8 to 12.5


Caddis Men's Attractive 2-Tone Tauped Foot Wader


Small To Large


Reviews of 6 Best Hip Waders for Fishing

1. Hodgman Mackenzie Nylon and PVC Waders

The first pair of hip waders from Hodgman Mackenzie are worn just like suspenders. This might be an unusual look to some, but it will ensure that you stay dry and clean when out in the river. These waders are available from sizes 7 to 13.

These waders are brown solely to match the color of muddy water you might happen to use these in. These are sure to make you invisible to fish that might approach you as you fish. If you are also concerned about getting your gear dirty, the dirty will not show that much on your waders.

If you are wearing fishing gear, you these waders will fit comfortably over your gear thanks to the adjustable buckles.

These boots are made of PVC, which is slightly tougher than rubber. To be doubly sure that water will stay out of your waders, a hard nylon shell fabric lines the boots nicely. These waders are also lighter than rubber waders.

When worn, you will not feel much padding. When worn underwater, you will feel a little bit of suction. They could be a concern in regards to comfort, but you might not know that until you wear them for yourself.


  • Adjustable buckles allow you to wear these over your gear
  • Brown color camouflages you from fish
  • PVC material is very tough
  • Very lightweight


  • There is not much padding inside the actual boots

2 Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders

The waders from Allen Black go up to a person’s thighs. Like the Hodgman hip waders, these boots are available from size 7 to 13. These waders strap to the person’s belt.

These waders are very secure when you wear them and strap them to your fishing pants or gear. The brown color keeps you hidden from the vision of fish underwater.

These boots are lightweight, and they are constructed with a rugged nylon double ply to ensure that you stay clean and dry. These waders are also lined with a waterproof membrane.

The caveat to these waders is that these are not exactly built to last. They will last as long by wearing them for fishing as your typical shoes do as you wear them every day.


  • Brown color camouflages you from fish
  • Very lightweight
  • These boots will never come undone


  • Are not built to last

3. Hodgman Caster Neoprene Chest Waders Review

These Hodgman waders resemble overalls, and definitely look durable and secure. These waders are available from sizes 7 to 13. Like the other Hodgman waders, they have adjustable straps.

The material used for these waders are known as a “thinsulate” rubber. This rubber is thin, yet strong and durable. They are not elastic, by any means, but they are tough.

These waders come with a few pockets and compartments for gear. If you cannot wear your vest or other gear with these waders, you can still take some supplies along with you as you fish.

You can attach up to 3 accessories with D-rings that are on the upper straps. If you have your hands full and still want to take bigger accessories with you, you can clip them to these D-rings and always have them on you while you are fishing in the water.

The one problem with these waders is that the boot tread it not secure. Just from looking at it, it does not appear to be secure, either. There is always the chance that the lining on one or both boots will open up when you are out in the water, and it will never be a good feeling if that happens.


  • Three d-rings for attachments
  • Rubber is tough and lightweight
  • Comes with pockets and compartments
  • Adjustable buckles allow you to wear these over your gear


  • Boot tread is weak

4. Frogg Toggs Rana II PVC/Nylon Hip Wader Review

These hip waders from Frogg Toggs are built to be reliable as will as comfortable to wear. The Frogg Toggs Rana II are available from sizes 7 to 13. Like the Allen Black hip waders, these are leggings that strap to your belt.

They are made of nylon-reinforced PVC, making them more comfortable to wear than your average rubber hip waders. You are sure to stay protected and not experience any rips and tears.

These waders come with poly webbing belt leashes that you can adjust. The belt is very flexible and has a buckle that you can quickly take off. It is very comfortable to wear and you can move and bend your body wearing these without any trouble.

These hip waders however are not insulated. If you wanted to wear these in cold water, they will not keep you warm. Even during the summer, you will likely be stepping in cold water for most of the time, and you will feel rather cold and vulnerable.


  • Very lightweight
  • PVC material is very tough
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Not ideal to wear for even cold water fishing

5. Sougayilang Boot-Foot Chest Waders Review

The next hip waders are brought you you by Sougayilang. They are available in sizes between 8 and 12.5; a slightly smaller threshold than other hip waders in this review. If you are a size 7 or 13, you will be disappointed that these do not come in your size.

Sougayilang’s hip waders are made of tough PVC material that is very flexible. These hip waders also have heat-welded seams that are guaranteed to never come undone when you are out fishing.

These hip waders from Sougayilang have an interesting print to them that is not exactly camouflage, but depicts various elements of nature, including leaves, mud, and sticks. This is meant to help you blend in with the water better.

Their straps are adjustable, but they do appear to be loose on the wearer, regardless of how much they are tightened for security. This can be concerning since you need to be as calm and patient as possible when out fishing in the water. The straps could have been better constructed and it would have made a world of difference.

Aside from feeling loose, they are rather heavy to wear. While most hip waders are touted of being light in weight, that is certainly not the case with these.

These hip waders are also known to be for hunting, however, we do not see what helpful purpose they serve when not used in bodies of water.


  • PVC material is very tough
  • Come in a print resembling camouflage


  • Not available in sizes 7 or 13
  • Somewhat heavier than necessary
  • Straps are not constructed well

6. Caddis Men's Attractive 2-Tone Tauped Foot Waders

These last hip waders from Caddis are very interesting to say the least. They have the potential to be the best hip waders, but they go in many different directions.

These hip waders come with one pouch in the front, so you can take small equipment with you as you are fishing. The straps also come with two d-rings for attaching larger equipment.

The Caddis hip waders are lightweight and durable. This is very surprising considering that there are three layers to this fabric: Exterior fabric, inside lining, and a breathable layer in between. These are made to keep you dry without making you sweat, and that sounds fantastic.

The two tone appearance of the hip waders seems like a very questionable decision. These hip waders will do next to nothing to keep you hidden from gullible fish in the water. It is like they are using fashion as a selling point more than reliability or performance.

Veteran fishers know that it doesn’t matter what the best waders look like, because you use them for dirty, wet and messy situations all the time.

These hip waders do not adopt the standard shoe size measurements, but are measured more like shirt sizes. They have 16 sizes and range from small to XX-large. There are long, stout, and short stout versions of each of the standard sizes.

This is not ideal for shopping online. Even if you are normally considered “large”, you may not know which of the four “larges” will fit you the best. Your best bet is to shop for these at a sporting goods store around your area, if they carry them.

But that is not all: These waders do not even come with boots. The entire purpose of hip waders is to keep your feet dry, and not even including boots or leggings is laughable. Caddis does make their own line of boots, but they are sold separately.

Maybe the idea is having you use your own boots you might already like wearing, but not every fisherman has a pair of waterproof boots for underwater use.

And last but not least, these are very expensive hip waders. You are better off buying cheaper hip waders that actually come with boots.


  • Comes with a large front pouch
  • Two d-rings for attachments
  • IVery lightweight
  • Minimizes sweat


  • Two tone appearance is questionable
  • Come in many confusing sizes
  • Do not comes with boots
  • Are very expensive

Frequently Asked Questions for Fishing Waders

You might have more questions about hip waders in general. Here are some answers to questions that we might be frequently asked.

When do I need to wear hip waders?

Hip waders are necessary for when you want to fish right in a body of water. The reason you might want to fish out in the water is to increase the likelihood of catching a fish, as fish rarely ever swim right up to the shore.

For any body of water that goes up to your knees, whether it is a river, lake, pond, or ocean, hip waders will keep your body protected from the harmful effects of dirty, muddy and/or salty water.

If you are fishing or even just standing in shallow waters, you may only need to wear boots to protect your feet and ankles.

Which is better? Suspenders or Leggings?

Both styles of hip waders have advantages over the other. Suspenders, on one hand come in one piece, are strapped over the body, and keep more of the body dry and clean. If you already have gear that you wear for fishing, it might be difficult to wear along with suspenders-based hip waders. Suspenders can also come with compartments and attachments that allow you to carry more equipment for fishing.

For leggings, these waders go up to your thighs. They can either be connected together or separated. They can be worn to accompany vests and other fishing gear, however, they do not cover the body as much as suspenders do. Leggings are typically easier to carry, wash and store.

Which type is better than the other depends on your personal preference. If you already wear gear, legging will be your more preferred option. If you want to fish in deeper waters, you will want suspenders.

What are types of soles for hip waders?

There are two types of soles that you get with boots for hip waders: Felt and rubber. Felt soles are ideal for walking on slick, wet surfaces.

Rubber soles are better for walking in mud. Rubber soles are easier to clean than felt soles. Both types of shoes have options for cleats, but all the hip waders with boots have cleats included. Each type of sole provide the right treat for different types of water.

What are the materials of hip waders available?

There are three types of hip waders that you can buy: Rubber, nylon, and neoprene.

Rubber is the oldest material for waders, however, they are becoming less popular over the years in favor of materials that are lighter and more comfortable. Rubber is great to protect your legs from the water, but it is not a breathable material and is generally heavy.

PVC nylon ranges from lightweight to thick and heavy. These are fairly inexpensive, making them a very popular material for hip waders nowadays. They are not very breathable, like rubber, but many fishers enjoy the lighter weight options.

Neoprene is a durable material that is also comfortable and great for fishing in cold weather. These, however are also not very breathable.

Companies have tried to make waders over the years more breathable. While still attempting to block out the water, there are also ways for perspiration to escape. During the summer, you can wear a t-shirt and shorts underneath your waders, and during the winter, you can wear warmer clothing as necessary.


The hip waders we choose as our most recommended are the Hodgman Mackenzie fishing waders.

These are reliable hip waders that will never end up getting waterlogged. They are affordable, and you will feel safe and secure while wearing them.

The only caveat that we have found was that they are not very comfortable to wear. However, you can add comfort with these hip waders yourself by buying cushioned socks, breathable leggings and other clothes to go underneath your hip waders.

Under the right circumstances, the Hodgman Mackenzie hip waders are our unanimous best buy for fishing out in the water.

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