Tackle Bag vs Box: A Basic Guide on Tackle Storage

There are many choices available for anglers when it comes to buying their equipment, accessories, and tools. And there's a constant debate on which will win in the battle between the tackle bag vs box. After all, at a glance, either a bag or box will seem to hold an angler's stuff well.

First-timers or newbies to the world of fishing, however, may find it hard to choose between the two. Just how exactly does a box differ from a bag? What are the advantages of each? Here is the rundown of the basics of a tackle box and bag.

A Brief History on Tackle Boxes and Bags

Fishing tackle boxes or bags are part of an angler's equipment for many years now. There was a time when tackle boxes were made either from wicker or wood.

The box, however, evolved and some manufacturers decided to come up with metal fishing tackle boxes. The metal ones, however, suffered a major flaw, namely that it easily rusts. In response, one product maker decided to produce plastic tackles boxes to avoid rusts.

The first plastic tackle boxes highly resembled a toolbox. Later on, manufacturers decided to venture into the production of hip roof cantilever boxes, which have had many small trays for the small tackle. Eventually, product makers decided to come up with soft bags in lieu of the hard box.

These days, anglers have many choices when it comes to storing their equipment as some bags or boxes come in different sizes, features and designs.

The Benefits of a Tackle Box

There are many reasons why one should choose a tackle box as it has many benefits and advantages. Here are some of them.

A Proven Track Record

Those who favor tackle boxes would argue that this kind of storage has a proven track record. After all, the soft-sided ones or the tackle bags were only developed after long years of using hard cases for fishing equipment storage. In fact, many elderly anglers will find it difficult to switch to a soft bag as they have been accustomed to using the hard cases since their younger years.

Extreme Durability

One of the reasons why anglers choose the box is because of its durability. There are many stories from seasoned anglers vouching that their tackle boxes have been around for decades already despite being used constantly.

Over time, product makers were also able to refine the technology of hard cases especially the plastic ones. Many manufacturers now reinforce plastic with resin so that they will last longer and provide better protection for the tackles.

With proper care, great tackle boxes could last a lifetime, a virtue which many anglers value.

Fold Out Trays Make a Difference

Hard tackle boxes often come with fold-out trays that offer a wide range of compartments that can fit baits, lures and other tools. There is also the "worm proof" tray, a feature that is less known to those unfamiliar with the world of fishing.

This particular tray is a technology standard that most tackle boxes have. It helps the baits and lures maintain their good condition and crispiness. These worm-proof trays also prevent the plastic baits from becoming stuck or melting and fusing.

Waterproof Is Everything

Advocates of the hard cases or boxes would say that this storage is the best simply because it's waterproof, making the box a much better alternative than the bags. After all, keeping tackles and tools dry is the number one priority of many anglers.

The strong plastic materials of the boxes along with the heavy-duty latches work in keeping moisture at bay. One will have peace of mind that the fishing tools are safe from water damage with a tackle box.

Additional Storage Is A Plus

For many years, the popular feature of the tackle box was the trays. However, these days, anglers also pay attention to the additional storage space a box or a bag can offer.

Most modern tackle boxes have top-loading sections that also serve as additional storage. The top section can accommodate items such as spools of fishing lines, tools and reels or items that would not fit into the trays. The top section also provides easy access to the tools that anglers might need while already in the act of fishing.

The Benefits of Tackle Bags

The tackle bags are not easily outdone by its box counterparts. After all, this storage option has many advantages, too.

Lightweight and Portable

The biggest advantage of using bags to store tackle is the lightweight feature of a tackle bag. Hard plastic boxes are heavy on their own, and combining them with the fishing tools will make it heavier.

This is where the tackle bags come in as their fabric exteriors are much lighter than the hard plastic shell. Arguably, carrying a heavy box filled with equipment for hours can really be taxing to an angler.

More Flexibility

The fabric materials of the bag also mean flexibility as the fabric will provide more wiggle room to cram more items. Plus, there will be more room to keep other personal items when the trays inside the bags are removed, making the bag a more versatile storage option.

More Storage

The bags will be the clear winner in the battle of tackle bag vs box when it comes to additional storage. There is extra room provided in the form of exterior compartments and pockets. Some designs even have provisions for water bottles or other personal paraphernalia.

Easy to Carry

Arguably, tackle boxes are difficult to lug around due to their stiff handles. On the other hand, tackle bags are easy to bring about as they either have shoulder straps or even waist straps that allow users to carry the bag either as a backpack, a sling, shoulder bag or a belt bag.

Tackle Bag vs Box: It Depends on The Angler

Clearly, both the box and bag have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Choosing which storage option to buy depends on the preference of the angler.

Those who value durability, lifetime use of a single product and complete protection from water and its damages are better off choosing the tackle box. On the other hand, those who want more flexibility, storage, and versatility, as well as a lightweight storage option, should go for the tackle bags.

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