Garmin Striker 7SV Review

Garmin Striker 7SV Review

There’s nothing worse than planning a fishing trip, having all your gear together, and making it out early in the morning, only to go home empty handed. It’s something that every fisherman has gone through, but what if there was a way you could catch the biggest fish? Would you love taking home more fish?

You probably answered “yes,” and if that’s the case, you want to find an excellent fish finder. They’re ideal for anyone tired of not getting anything more than a nibble. The Garmin Striker 7SV is a great place to start when you’re looking for a fish finder. When you’re reeling in those big catches, you’ll be amazed that you used to go fishing without it.

The Garmin Striker 7SV Review

Rugged Design

The rugged design of the fish finder allows you to take it out in the harshest environments. It can withstand the harshest elements to give you correct and accurate readings on the fish. No matter where you plan on fishing, you need a fish finder that works in the elements.

The rugged design is ideal for those that want a fish finder that works with their lifestyle. You won’t need to change the way you live when you have this fish finder. It has excellent performance in the harshest environments. The fish don’t stand a chance when they’re locked in on the sonar.


The high-sensitivity GPS gives you the ability to mark every location you want to return to, and catch your favorite fish. You can mark your speed with the GPS, making it ideal for quietly sneaking up on fish. You won’t need to worry about startling fish when you know how slow you should cruise. Since you can mark the location, you can pinpoint the exact location where you found your fishing hole. When you combine it with speed, it makes it easier to come up with fish that are standing still. This way, they won’t have a chance to scatter away when you come upon them.


The waypoint map allows you to view the surrounding areas where you’re fishing. You can mark certain landmarks, and navigate to certain locations to help you find the most fish. You can find brush piles, docks, and stumps. No matter where you want to look, you can find out where the fish are going to be. It’s ideal for those that want to try fishing in different water bodies. You won’t get lost, and you know exactly where the fish are going to be hiding. If you’re an avid fisherman, you’ll appreciate having the maps option on the fish finder.


The CHIRP sonar allows you to pinpoint where the fish are in the water. It provides a continuous sweep through the water to guide you to a fish’s location. You can change the pitch from high to low, which gives you more information. As you travel along a water body, it’s good to know where the fish are hiding. When you have the CHIRP sonar working, it works when you go from deep to shallow water. It creates crisper fish images, with bright arches. It has excellent target separation to give you the best information when you’re tracking the fish. It’s the ideal way to lock onto your target, and anticipate their moves.


The flasher is built into the fish finder. You can view the sonar data through different formats. It has a classic format, which is ideal for those that love using the classic format. It’s perfect for ice fishing, or vertical jigging. No matter what type of fishing you’re planning on doing, this fish finder will help you get situated in the perfect position to catch your fish. It’s ideal for those that want to take an adventure and catch some fish while you’re at it. You will love having the built-in flasher telling you where you should go.

Large Screen

The 7-inch display allows you to see more under the surface than with smaller screens. It is in color, allowing you to differentiate between the fish and any debris nearby. You won’t have to worry about the fish finder giving you a false reading when you’re using it. It’s the best way to make sure you know exactly what you’re looking at on the screen. The crisp picture allows you to pinpoint the exact position of the fish. You won’t need to bring your glasses with you on your fishing trip with the size of this screen. They won’t be able to hide when you’re using this fish finder.

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Product Benefits

  • The price is reasonable for recreational fishers
  • Installation is easy and quick
  • The picture quality is excellent
  • It will show your bait balls in the water
  • The operation is user-friendly
  • It’s ideal for freshwater bass fishing
  • The fish finder is extremely accurate
  • Easily detects fish near your location
  • The fish finder allows you to program it how you want it
  • The large screen allows you to see more around you
  • Works in all types of weather
  • The down view is excellent
  • It produces a clear picture
  • Works in deep and shallow waters
  • It works right out of the box to get you fishing faster
  • The auto modes are ideal for those not adept with fish finders

The Negative Things

  • Cannot upload waypoints to the fish finder
  • The transducer isn’t the best
  • The side view can appear to be choppy
  • The fish finder doesn’t include any maps pre-loaded
  • Some units may not work directly out of the box
  • Some people may not like the automatic modes

Highlighted Features of Garmin Striker 7SV

  • Rugged design for any environment
  • High-sensitivity GPS
  • Waypoint maps
  • CHIRP sonar
  • Built-in flasher
  • 7-inch color display
  • Pinpoint hot spots
  • Find docks, barriers, and other objects
  • Share waypoints and routes
  • Smooth scaling software technology
  • Speed Tracker
  • Depth range
  • Allows for vertical fishing
  • View how high the jig is going
  • Detect when fish move closer or away from your location
  • Compact design makes it easy to take anywhere
  • 500 watts of power
  • Includes a traditional transducer

Some Questions and Answers

Does it come with the SV transducer?

Does it have a map of the Bahamas?

Does it have a shallow water alarm?

Will the transducer need to be submerged to work?

Is the unit waterproof?

Tips for Using the Garmin Striker Effectively

To get the most out of your fish finder, you should know a thing or two before heading out. While it is user-friendly, it never hurts to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make it work correctly. You can use the Striker 7SV in water with depths up to 750 feet, which is ideal for checking out your lake. You can program the fish finder to use it how you want, and it has plenty of features for you to use.

Using the GPS, you can pinpoint every area you want to go fishing. You can pinpoint your favorite locations and go back to them in the future. Since you can also track your speed, it’s ideal for those that want to use the fish finder while they’re coasting. You can spot the fish while you’re cruising to get a good idea of where they’re hiding.


If you’re looking for a fish finder, the Garmin Striker 7SV is an excellent option. It has everything you need to start fishing right away. All you need is to hook it up to your boat, and you can be on your way. It has simple programs that make it easy to detect where the fish are hiding, and where you should go.

The transducer allows you to see deep down under the surface and helps you locate any fish in your area. The color display is ideal for those that want a screen that displays fish arches easily and quickly. The CHIRP sonar is ideal for letting you know when the fish are nearby. No matter where you want to go fishing, you can rely on this unit to find any fish you want to catch.

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