Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro review

Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro review

Are you tired of guessing where the largest catch of fish is? Are you looking for a unit that will simplify your search as well as deliver results in a modern and easy to use way? Then Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro is the product you need in your fishing arsenal. It is a versatile product that comes with a 5 inch all weather high definition LED backlit display. The display provides sharp color images with wide viewing angles. Furthermore, you will experience no internal fogging when using it.

It has dual channel sonar which is a great benefit to researchers navigating a river/lakes and guys looking to catch some fish. It has the wide spectrum CHIRP DownVision sonar that provides photo like images while the second CHIRP is beneficial in targeting fish.

Dual channel sonar technology

The unit has dual channel CHIRP sonar. The CHIRP technology is designed to provide precise and accurate results by emitting a wide range of frequencies. As a dual channel sonar model, the wide spectrum CHIRP Down Vision sonar is designed to provide photo like images. The second CHIRP conventional sonar channel is used for targeting fish. With this technology, not only does the user have a clear view of underwater but they can track and know the size of fish available. When fishing, you no longer have to spend the whole day just searching for the location of fish.

5 inch all weather LED backlit display

Yes, you heard it correct. The unit comes with a 5 inch all weather LED backlit display. The display provides high definition images allowing the user to know what is underwater. It is especially useful when locating a school of fish. It provides full color images plus wide angle viewing allowing for easy spotting of objects and fish underwater. To prevent damage and distortion when using the unit, the display is designed to eliminate the setting of internal fogging.

Internal storage

By now, you know that the Dragonfly 5 Pro is designed to provide clear underwater images thanks to its dual channel. The images gathered are precious and can be used for studies later on helping to reveal hidden interesting stuff underwater. The unit has internal storage with 3000 way points and 15 tracks. To extend the storage space, the unit allows the use of a microSD card. With this, you can gather a lot of data inform of images which can go into your collection of wonderful fishing moments.


Finding your way around the lake or river is not fun especially if its your first time. A little change in the weather can knock you off course. This is quite a problem especially if you had positioned your boat over the best fishing location. The lake or river can be quite difficult to determine where you were previously from the surface. To ensure that you are able to navigate well, the unit has GPS capability with 50 channels. This offers extremely precise mapping to the user.

Built in Wi-Fi

Like any other piece of technology, the unit requires updates time and time again. From its software to the maps, you can ensure long term usage of your device. With Wi-Fi capability, a user can take advantage of the technology and sync with their Smartphone or tablet. This can extend the usability of the device thanks to more features that come with the Dragonfly 5 Pro app. One of the most useful feature is streaming content from the product to the smart device.


  • The 5 inch LED backlit display prevents internal fogging from happening. This ensures clarity at all times even when the sun is up high.
  • lt has Wi-Fi capability which not only allows the update of software’s and maps but allows streaming of content between the unit and the smart device.
  • ​lt has a dual channel sonar technology which ensures clear underwater images are provided plus an easy way of targeting fish.
  • ​lt comes with the app which allows for saving, sharing and rewinding of live sonar data.
  • The internal storage provides 3,000 way points and 15 tracks.
  • When navigating the unit, Fingerprint marks can smudge the LCD display making visibility to be poor. To ensure clarity at all times, you need to have a microfiber cloth close by to wipe of the smudges.
  • The device takes time to boot. This is the same with changing views especially when one is traveling at a high speed.
  • The transducer sticks out in the back which can be a problem with docking facilities.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a 5 inch all weather high definition LED backlit display.
  • Has internal storage with 3,000 way points and 15 tracks.
  • ​Comes with removable mounting ball.
  • ​Works with the Raymarine's Wi-Fish mobile app.
  • Has Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities.
  • Has dual channel sonar technology.


How deep can the sonar technology penetrate?

The unit’s sonar channel can penetrate up to 600 feet. There are factors that affect this and they include type of water — fresh or salty, boat speed and type of bottom.

What is the length of the cable for the transducer?

The unit is available with a 6 m cable. If you are looking to extend the reach, you can purchase an additional 4 m extension.

Are software updates available?

Yes they are. They can be downloaded from the manufacturers website when available. You can transfer them to the microSD card in order to install them.

Final Verdict

The Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro is a great unit that is packed with lots of features which are useful. With the dual channel sonar, you can identify where a school of fish is plus have clear underwater images. These are displayed clearly on the 5 inch LED backlit display which prevents internal fogging. Furthermore, it can stream live sonar data to the Smartphone via Wi-Fi link. With the Dragonfly 5 Pro mobile app, a user can record, save, share and even rewind live sonar data being streamed from the unit to the smart device. I highly recommend you purchase this product to take advantage of its advanced and useful features.

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mike ripley - March 20, 2018

I really like it but every 3rd tournament I have to move the transducer because it keeps moving up and throws it all off after I tighten it for the third time it cracks the mounting bracket I have tried everything but still doesn’t stay now I have had it 2 years and three brackets I have decided if they cant make it right then its time to get a different one with a better bracket


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