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What To Consider When Buying A Bait-casting Rod


Successful fishing is achieved when you have the right gear with the perfect balance of skill, knowledge, and patience. Besides that, having a little luck never hurts as you can’t force a fish to bite through the bait. One of the most vital pieces to any angler is a bait-casting rod. This rod helps you […]

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Is Patience Really Necessary When Fishing?

Patience fishing

Fishing is not something you’d say is easy to do. It requires a lot of persistence, time and patience, however, it’s always worth all of that whenever you reel in a sizeable catch and get a bite. Fishing is one of those hobbies that can help cultivate patience as well as teach you to appreciate […]

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Tips for Fishing in the Hawaii Island

  Fishing forms a large part of the livelihood of Hawaiian Locals. Long before the arrival of any outsiders, the natives had already crafted very effective methods of harvesting this essential commodity by using spears, lines, nets, and other tools. These techniques have been passed down to generations, and even in this modern day, these […]

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