Venterior Portable Fish Finder Review

Venterior Portable Fish Finder Review

Do you want to find the fish before you cast your line? Do you want to find exactly where all the fish hang out under the water? The Venterior portable fish finder gives you the edge you need in any weather conditions and any water depth as you pursue “The Big One” that keeps getting away. You may not be able to see individual fish with this fish finder, but you can certainly zero in on a prime fishing spot before anyone else.

The Venterior fish finder is a good model for someone who is semi-serious about finding more fish without spending a ton of money on a fancy model. Read this guide to discover the best and worst features this fish finder.

Venterior Portable Fish Finder Features

LCD Screen

The simple LCD screen displays data in green with a gray screen in the background. The screen has an anti-UV coating so it lasts longer in sunny summer weather. The fish finder uses simple graphics to display data on the screen, including the depth of the water and the size of any sonar hits. The screen looks simple, but it displays the most important data in an easy-to-see format.


The product works at depths of 1 meter (3 feet) down to 100 meters (328 feet). That’s the depth of the sonar, not how long the cable goes. The transducer cable is 25 feet, which means you can get readings from as far as 25 feet away from your position. The fish finder itself is not waterproof, so try not to submerge the device in the water. The transducer and sonar sensor are waterproof, but not the contraption itself.


The product has five sensitivity settings. These settings can save your battery life, or they can display a full range of data for several minutes. One setting is for battery save mode where the screen stays off. Backlight mode lets you see things on the screen at night. The unit of measure mode lets you change between meters and feet. The fish alarm setting alerts you with a sound that there are fish nearby. Choose which setting works best for you. The fish alarm setting lets you focus on other things without paying close attention to what’s on the screen.

All Conditions

The beauty of this gadget is that you can use it for ice fishing, so long as you keep the sensors above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Since ice water is just above 32 degrees, you should be fine. If you want to detect fish underneath the ice before drilling a hole, clear off a patch of ice by removing any snow. Place the sensor on top of the ice with it pointing downward where it might pick up movement. Otherwise, drill through the ice and lower the transducer into the water to detect fish under the ice. Take the Venterior portable fish finder out on the lake, river or ocean. It doesn’t work as well in swampy conditions due to all of the silt.

Mounting Hardware

Mounting hardware lets you attach this device to the side of your boat. This truly gives you hands-free operation. Place the mounting hardware anywhere in the boat. The other option is to use the neck strap to hang this in front of you. The gadget weighs less than a pound, so you should be able to handle it as a high-tech necklace that happens to detect fish beneath you. Just add four AA batteries, turn on the unit and you’re ready to go.

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  • Backlight works for night fishing
  • 25-foot transducer cable allows you to sense fish from afar
  • Works in any conditions except for swampy, grimy and silty water
  • Mount to your boat or hang around your neck
  • Five settings save battery power, including the fish alarm mode


  • Does not have a fancy all-color display
  • Cannot get the main unit wet
  • Doesn’t work in mucky water
  • Might not work with thick ice

Highlighted Features

  • Senses fish up to 328 feet (100 meters) down below
  • Long transducer cable
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries

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Final Verdict

This is a great device to have if you want a little extra help locating fish without spending a lot money. The data displayed is simple. If you’re just going out for some fun fishing on the lake or river, you don’t need anything extra fancy. You just need to know where the fish are swimming, and the Venterior portable fish finder does just that. This is a great buy for an amateur angler.

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