Humminbird 595c Combo Review

Fishing can be a frustrating, yet rewarding hobby. Not only do you get to go outside all day long, you can eat what you find. However, trying to catch a fish every time may seem impossible. You can stand out there for hours, without even a nibble.

Luckily, the Humminbird 595c Combo fish finder has everything you need to bring home the biggest catch. It has a chart plotter and plenty of channels you can use. It has an excellent display that’s sure to help you catch any fish you’re looking for. This review will show you why you don’t want to go fishing without it.

Humminbird 595C Combo Features

It has 16 Channels

The full-featured fish finder comes equipped with 16 different channels for communication. The WAAS GPS allows you to connect with a satellite to help you find your position. The chart plotter is ideal for those wanting to find their favorite fishing spot. They can save it for later when they’re ready to go back out and start fishing again. If you’ve never fished on a certain lake or part of an open-sea, you can find your spot easily. You can drop a pin, and return to it later. It’s ideal for scouting different positions on the water.

Clear Color Display

The high-resolution screen allows you to pinpoint everything in the water.You can tell how deep the water is, and if there is any

debris near your spot. When fish pop up, the 256-color TFT LCD will show up. The 320 x 240 resolution allows you to see every object clearly. You can tell where a fish is hiding, thanks to the high-resolution screen. You can plan for a day fishing when you’re using this fish finder. It’s the best way to make sure you are in the perfect position for reeling in the biggest fish.

View Coastlines

The screen not only displays fish. You can use the map to help you see different coastlines. No matter if you’re fishing on an inland lake, river, or coastal area, you can tell where the coastline lies. It has a built-in 4 nautical mile resolution UniMap of the entire United States. If you love to fish while you’re traveling, you can use this fish finder to help you. It’s perfect for fishing on new and different water bodies. The fish won’t stand a chance when you’re using this fish finder to locate their ideal hiding spots.

Optimal Coverage

The fish finder has a 20-degree single beam sonar that helps you find all the fish in your area. It optimizes the coverage and precision to give you the best idea of what lies underneath the waves. The fish finder can detail every part of the floor when the sonar detects it. You can pinpoint the smallest deviation on the floor of the water body. It’s ideal for those wanting to get an idea of where the fish would be hiding. You can drop a pin when you find a spot on the floor of a lake, and come back to it later.

Reads Depths up to 1000 Feet

If you’ve used a fish finder before, you may be aware of how far down they can read. This fish finder allows you to scope down to 1000 feet underneath the waves, allowing you to find more fish. Since fish can swim further down than your fishing line can go, they can’t hide when you see them. Having a fish finder that can read down to 1000 feet allows you to fish in deeper waters. When you’re fishing in deeper waters, you’re more likely to find the bigger fish. It’s the best way to make sure you reel in a marlin on the open water.

Extremely Compact

The fish finder is only 5 inches wide, allowing you to take it just about anywhere. You can use the compact fish finder when you’re out on the water. It’s ideal for those that don’t want to bolt their fish finder to their boat. Using a compact fish finder allows you to take it more places, and catch more fish. If you want to mount it to your boat, it doesn’t take up precious space. When you have a fish finder taking up too much space on your boat, you can’t reach your gear. This is ideal for keeping in your pocket or wherever it’s the most convenient.

Alarms for Fish

When a fish encounters your fish finder, it will beep to let you know. You will know exactly where the fish is, and how far down they are. Even if you’re distracted by something on the waves, the sound will alert to the fish. It’s ideal for those who may be focused on getting their gear together. Once the alarm sounds off, you can prepare to cast your line and get ready to reel it in. It’s perfect for those that want to make sure they catch their prize fish.

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Product Benefits

  • It’s easy to read in the sun
  • It picks up fish well
  • It’s easy to use
  • The price is reasonable
  • The fish finder is accurate, even in open water
  • It works in shallow water
  • The color is vivid
  • It’s easy to turn the brightness up or down
  • Excellent for using during the night
  • Follows your path quickly
  • Reads the bottom of the water well
  • Installation is easy

The Negative Things

  • Need to pay extra money for extra maps
  • Need to buy an MMC card for each location
  • The basic maps are too simplistic

Highlighted Features

  • Internal 16-channel WAAS GPS receiver
  • Four-nautical mile resolution UniMap of USA
  • 20-degree, single beam transducer
  • Reads depths up to 1000 feet
  • 256-color TFT LCD screen
  • TripLog with distance, time, and average
  • Ultra-compact
  • Upper and lower range controls
  • 300 watts RMS output
  • 200kHz frequency
  • Alarms for depth, fish, and battery life
  • Waterproof construction
  • One-year warranty
  • TruArch for different types of fish
  • Memory for retaining settings
  • Whiteline or Structure ID Bottom Presentation
  • 5-inch LCD screen
  • Selective Fish ID+ with target depth
  • Automatic or manual controls

FAQs- Humminbird 595c Combo

What happens if the power on doesn’t work?

What if I have GPS issues?

Are the alarms loud?

How far down does the fish finder read?

Is it good for kayaks?

Tips for Using It Effectively

Depending on how you’re going to use the Humminbird 595c fish finder, you may need some advice. The Whiteline feature highlights the strongest sonar returns, allowing you to focus in on your target. You can access the menu with the X-press button, enabling you to change the settings to your preference. There is a zoom feature that allows you to see things close up. You want to play with the Humminbird fish finder and get a good idea of what settings you prefer. It’s simple to use, and you can change the settings at any time, allowing you to get the most out of it.


If you’re looking for a fish finder that can read the deepest parts of a water body, Humminbird 595c Combo is the perfect fish finder for you. It has alarms and notifications to keep you updated with anything near your boat. No matter what type of fishing you want to do, this fishfinder will work for you. The compact size is ideal for taking it wherever you want to fish. When you’re reeling in the biggest fish, you’ll appreciate having the fish finder with you. It’s the best way to make sure you bring home something to show off to your friends and family. I highly recommend this for any outdoor fisherman.

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