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Cat Fish Tips

Catfish fishing is a fun and exciting way to spend a weekend. Considering how big catfish can grow, it’s easy to see why so many people can get caught up in the sport.

Top 10 Best Fish Finders

The invention of the fish finder is a technological blessing for all anglers. It increases the ability to locate the target fish, catch more fish, and turn the fishing experience into an enjoyable one.

Salmon Fishing Tips

If you live near either the coastal ocean or near the Great Lakes, you may want to try fishing for salmon. Salmon grow to large sizes -- 30 lbs in the Great Lakes, near 100 lbs in the Pacific Ocean -- are great eating, and are strong fighters, testing even the stoutest of tackle.

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Sea Bass Fishing Tips

The sea bass is a fish that is commonly found in the southern coasts of Britain or Ireland. This ubiquitous fish is characterized as having silver on its sides, with blue and gray splotches at the back and white on the stomach part.

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Lowrance Hook2

Lowrance Hook2 2021 Ultimate Review

Lowrance HOOK2 2020 Ultimate Review By James Williams | November 26, 2020 Read Review Check Price REVIEW OVERVIEW Features  4.4/5 Quality  4/5 Performance

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