The 5 Best Spotlight For Boat 2020 – Only Top Models Reviewed

Best Spotlight For Boating and Fishing

Some people perceive boat spotlights as oversized flashlights that are less convenient and heavier than their portable cousins, but truth be told, they are extremely useful on boating excursions, either during the morning, evening or late at night.

A spotlight for the boat can help you navigate to find land, detect rock formations in from of your boat and it can even help you look for something that might have fallen overboard. Most of these spotlights are even small enough for you to carry around various corners of your vessel. They truly can help boat owners in a bind, especially during the night.

For this review, we will be looking at five amazing spotlights for boats, from companies like DeWalt, Stanley and Streamlight. Each of them have good qualities as well as bad, but we’re here to help you narrow down your search and will find you the best spotlight you can lay your eyes on.

Product Name


Battery Life





10 hours


LEANINGTECH Deck/Marine Lights for Boat




DEWALT DCL043 20V MAX Spotlight


13.5 hours


Streamlight 44900 Spotlight with Power Cord

500 - 40

10 - 82 hours


Odear Super Bright Torch Portable Spotlight(Editors Choice)


8 -16 hours


Best Spotlight for Boat Reviews 2019

1. STANLEY FATMAX FL5W10 Waterproof LED Rechargeable Spotlight

When you see yellow and black flashlights, you typically don’t think DeWalt, you think of Stanley. The FatMax FL5W10 has a lot going for it. At 520 lumens, this is a decent spotlight for boats for its waterproof and recharging capabilities. This spotlight for boats also is six feet tall and weighs 1.5 pounds.

When we say “waterproof”, we’re not kidding. You can chuck this spotlight in the lake and it will not only float, but still work. When it floats, it will point upwards so you can easily spot it. It will stop working when it submerges underwater 6 feet or below.

The Fatmax can continue to run for ten hours before it needs to recharge its batteries. It takes lithium ion batteries, and the one included is rechargeable.

The Fatmax also has two light settings. Pull the trigger once for bright light, once more for dim, and then once more for off.

This boat spot light has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If anything were to go wrong with it, you could be eligible for a free replacement. It likely does not cover boating or ocean-related accidents, however.

The problem with this light is that it does not travel very far. You might see out at 50 feet at night, but that’s about it. That clearly isn’t enough to help a boat crew navigate at night.


  • Is rechargeable 
  • Is completely waterproof
  • Comes in two light settings
  • Includes a one-year warranty


  • Short light distance

2. LEANINGTECH LED Deck/Marine Lights for Boat

LeaningTech has here some built-in boat spotlights, which means that you install them and that don’t move. This marine LED spotlight comes with mounts, so you have to install them into your boat. This one comes in a set of two. Each spotlight has six LED bulbs each.

These boat spotlights are super bright. They clock in at 1360 lumens of pure white, LED light. You can see crisply and clearly in the dark with no warm, yellow tint to it.

The spotlights are housed in aluminum, making them light, but durable. They can withstand extreme weather, and at the same time, they won’t be going anywhere when you least expect them to. Furthermore, these are waterproof spotlights, rated IPX67 for submersions and dust.

These marine spotlights for boats do not run on batteries, but rather any sort of electrical supply you might have on your deck, so they will not run out of power until your whole boat does. Aside from boats, you can also use them for large land vehicles and houses.

Now for the flaw. This marine spotlight can end up getting water inside them. While the lights will still work, their performance might take a dip and they could grow mold if left undried. This could be one nuisance that you likely do not want to deal with after each boating excursion. The mount and bolts can also be prone to rusting.


  • Shines a cool, white light
  • Is completely waterproof
  • Comes in a pack of two


  • Lenses can get filled with water

3. DEWALT DCL043 20V MAX Jobsite LED Spotlight

You know this name in home improvement, but their spotlights for home and outdoor projects are also novel for boating excursions, as well. This is a pretty big spotlight, at 11 inches high, but surprisingly it weighs just a pound.

The light is recorded at 1000 lumens, and can be seen from over 500 yards away. There are two brightness settings as well; high and low.

The boat spotlight is mountable by its handle. As the light is mounted, its head can be pivoted in multiple directions. This makes it capable of doubling as not just a portable spotlight, but a built-in one as well.

DeWalt’s spotlight also has one red light in order to preserve night vision, although it is not as bright as its primary white light; not even close.

As with any DeWalt product, you also get a warranty. This one is for three years. If it fails on its own within this lengthy period of time, you could be eligible to get it replaced free of charge.

As great as this portable spotlight is, it’s not waterproof. It will fail instantly when you put in in water, and there are no further details about its waterproof capabilities, or lack thereof by the manufacturer. Not the best of products to take on a boat with you, with that said.


  • Light travel a very far distance
  • Also has a red light
  • Can be mounted
  • Is light in weight


  • Is not waterproof

4. Streamlight 44900 Spotlight with Power Cord

Streamlight brings us this next spotlight for boats. It is 7.14 inches high and weighs 1.8 pounds. It is also available in one of two colors; all black or yellow and black. We have ourselves the latter, here.

There are two light settings on this spotlight. Streamlight's spotlight for boats has an incredible range of battery life. On high setting, you get a measly ten hours of light. However, you get 82 hours of light on the low setting. The high setting clocks in at 550 lumens, with the low setting producing just 40.

The distance is rather impressive, too. On high setting, you get 625 meters of light distance. The low setting will show of a just as impressive 178 meters of distance.

If you prefer to not use batteries, you can also connect this to a power outlet, so that it can run indefinitely.

For waterproofing, this is rated IPX4. This is not the best, but it’s pretty good. It can likely take a drop in the water and float on the surface, but nothing more than that. Having this fall in the water while it’s connected to an electrical source would be super dangerous.

With all of this in mind, this is a good spotlight, but not groundbreaking. One thing that we wish was better about this spotlight was the beam it gives out. While it does go a great distance, it’s still very small, as if you were to shoot a laser out of a ray gun. We would like the spread from this light to be bigger so that you can see more.


  • Is powered by either batteries or a power cord
  • Available in two colors
  • Light travel a very far distance
  • Comes in two light settings
  • Is completely waterproof


  • Could be an electrical hazard
  • Only shines a thin beam of light

5. Odear Portable LED Spotlight - Super Bright Torch Handheld Model

Last but not least is this portable spotlight from Odear. It is 7.8 inches long and weighs 1.45 pounds. It is available in either all black or yellow. The one that we have has yellow. This spotlight also comes with a shoulder strap.

This light claims to have 6000 lumens, and can shine a light as far as 2600 feet. This light has two brightness settings. The high setting can last 8 hours, with the low setting lasting 16 hours.

The battery inside of this light is an internal battery, more specifically, a lithium ion rechargeable battery. To recharge this battery, you plug it into the wall via a USB cable. You can also use this as a battery to power an electronic device, but we advise against doing this, since it will accelerate the battery life in the spotlight.

This spotlight is made of durable ABS plastic, which ensures that it is rugged and tough, as well as waterproof. Whether you drop it in the water or on concrete, it is sure to survive.

This boat spotlight includes a one-year warranty, but you will need to buy it directly from Odear.

Even though the manufacturer claims to have 600 lumens, this is not true at all. The light is actually pretty dim at its high setting. Sure, it might be able to get to job done when you are on your boat at night, but you would like to see more clearly, and other lights are more capable of doing so.


  • Available in two colors
  • Is completely waterproof
  • Comes in two light settings


  • Light is rather weak

Who Are Spotlight For Boats For?

Spotlights are for people who are in need of sources of light in evening settings. On a boat, boat owners need light to navigate through waters, to locate land in front of them or to find objects on the surface of the water. When boating at night, you can even use a spotlight to prevent yourself from colliding into another boat.

Spotlights can also be used outside of boating. Spotlights can also be used for camping, excavations, home improvement projects, nighttime driving and more. Also helps locate your fish finder if you happen to loose it or it runs out of power 🙂

What Are LED Lights?

LED lights are found in most spotlights for boating today. LED lights are beneficial for many reasons. LED bulbs consume less power than traditional bulbs. This is due to them not producing any heat, which in turn allows them to consume less power. LED bulbs last far longer than conventional bulbs.

Final Verdict

The best spotlight for boats, out of all that are in this review, is none other than the Odear Super Bright Portable LED Spotlight.

This was a hard decision to make. While these lights are all capable of doing its job while you are boating, there are some major flaws to be had with each of them. LeaningTech’s lights are amazing, but they’re simply not portable. When you’re boating, you would like to have a light that you can turn and carry around with you. These lights were not made for such purpose.

Odear’s light is waterproof, and it can shine a light far enough for you to see what is out there, albeit it isn’t the brightest. For these reasons, Odear’s spotlight is the best for your boating trips.

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