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Humminbird Helix 9 Review


Companies that listen to their customers are always very popular. It is not only about understanding what the clientele wants to send out but to produce units that will be following their necessities. And here comes the story about Humminbird Helix 9.


As it was suggested with the reviews and suggestions made by the customers, this company decided to make a fish finder which will suit all general needs. Nevermind if the user is opting for a single adventure on the water or generally gets out on the water searching for a great catch, the large display of Helix 9 with plenty of its features are characteristics that will be noticed by every user. 


In this review, we are going to mention all the striking features while observing every aspect of the Humminbird Helix 9 fishfinder so the buyer gets what is needed.


As fish finding equipment becomes more frequently used among fishermen, they become more interested in additional information rather than just gathering data provided by casual fish finders. 


While casual anglers are satisfied with elementary sonar imaging technologies and basic GPS capabilities provided by most of these units, more advanced fishermen are generally looking for more advanced features such as cutting-edge sonar devices. 


Such anglers may find their solution in the Humminbird Helix 9 series, as well as many other models provided by this product line including many different options in adapting all angling budgets and needs. 


Fishing Tech has given an A-grade to products from the whole series, but we are interested in deeply analyzing one special model which is the Helix 9 Chirp Mega Di GPS G2N.


This unit will provide its user with a great number of fully interesting characteristics that will simplify the users’ way of detecting and catching fish. Despite the fact it does not include a very important feature (which will be mentioned below), it got A rating for being equipped with everything a modern angler would need.


We presume that a reader who is reading this review about Helix 9 Humminbird has had some earlier experience with certain fish finder devices. We won’t even discuss that this equipment is enormously useful. Their main use is to help you find out what is happening in the water, as well as discover where to look for the most wanted fish type.


We are keeping in mind that there is nothing worse for an angler than finishing the day without any catch. This becomes even more heartbreaking when you know that other fishermen have made it pretty good at the same location. Purchasing a solid fish finder will make your fishing trips and adventures more fruitful.

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These tools are also useful for marking a prime spot and ensuring for good that you will return to it back again. The Helix 9 model that we are talking about will perform fantastically, but it is far from being inexpensive. We hope that its price tag is going to be suitable for you.


The most important thing a user has to consider is how often the equipment is going to be used. If the user is one of those who occasionally go on fishing while not taking it so seriously, then this tool won’t be worth the money. On the other hand, this product will certainly be a good purchase if the user is out every weekend.


One of the other aspects worth considering is the type of fishing the user will perform. If the user frequently changes the spots for fishing, then this dual-beam sonar with its adjustable frequencies will prove to be pretty useful. A cheaper model will be more suitable if the user is fishing mostly in the same area and at the same depth.



HumminBird Helix 9

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Screen and Display Quality

It is named Helix 9 because it is featuring a 9” display (pretty larger in comparison to other models of this type), as well as a solid resolution 480×800 pixels, as well as 1500 light nits, which maintains its fineness and brightness during both day and night. This glass-bonded model is also resistant to glare which makes it provide an additional amount of permanence. In case you are looking for a display that would be neat but with a few strokes, this is the most accurate choice.

Boosted Processors

This type of sonars as well as many other GPS units are not popular for having the best processing units, although they require a great amount of power to secure timely imaging. This is the truth when it comes to a fish finder since you are tracking creatures that are constantly changing their location. The processing power of the Humminbird Helix 9 is so improved that it will provide you with timely information regarding fishes in all possible depths.


The new processing units of the Humminbird fishfinder models give 25% more power, which will make a great difference easily comparable to other models. The unit provides real-time imaging through the entire experience, so you are sure that nothing escapes from your sight being a large single-catch or a large school. 

DualBeam SwitchFire

The Helix models usually feature this possibility which will help you switch from extensive search and clear images up. To be exact, we are talking about Time Variable Gain. This characteristic makes it possible to switch the image from a broad look with some blurriness in the sight (which is common for many sonars) into smaller but clearer images so you may discern the size of the critter and determine the worth of the catch. 


You may choose between Max (83kHz, which is broad and large) and Clear (200 kHz). The options are pretty simple to switch and will allow you to locate the perfect area to cast. If you are in deeper waters then Max will be more useful because the Clear option signal is not strong enough to get deep, but will help out if you are positioned at the exact location for casting.

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CHIRP Imaging Technology

The CHIRP technology has its beginnings in the military where it was used as a GPS but was later introduced in commercial use as a GPS feature for fish finders. It will help you get the smoothest image by emitting waves of different power throughout the location of interest. 


Instead of getting imagery gathered from one type of waves, you will be provided with a bigger variety of scannings so you know more about what is going on under the water. We are talking about a feature common for every type of Helix 9 units.

GPS Features

All of the models in the Helix 9 series are equipped with GPS, meaning you don’t have to worry about that. Surely it means you will have the possibility to easily grasp what is around and you won’t have to worry about getting lost at any place. 


As an addition to its elementary GPS feature, you will always have the information about the speed of your movement, as you may save 45 different routes in the device storage. When it comes to waypoints, you will have the possibility of programming up to 2,750 of them. 


Power, Depth, and Frequency

The quite large CPU boost, great wattage, depth, and frequency is what makes Helix 9 impressive above all. This model can begin transmitting 500W of power and reach its paramount at 4,000 W of overall power. 


The amount of information transferable by the sonar is between 83 and 200 kHz for 2D images and 455 kHz for down imaging. The maximum depth for 2D images is 600 feet, and 35 feet for side imaging. This is a good way to gather information about what types of fishes are swimming around and if it may be the time to try something in another place.

Side-Imaging and Down-Imaging

As it can give you a quite solid view of what’s happening on the surface below, side-imaging and down-imaging are pretty popular methods among fishermen. You can see not only what’s placed on the left and the right of your boat, but also what is going on underneath it while creating a 180-degree plane by the means of side-imaging.


This method provides you with clear images that help you observe the situation underneath which is quite different and similar to a fish’s POV. You will see what is exactly happening down there, regardless of the form of the fish floating along the water.


All models are not equipped this way. The abbreviations are SI and DI for side-imaging and down-imaging respectively. The only Helix 9 models featuring this possibility are Side-Imaging HELIX 9 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G2N & Down-Imaging HELIX 9 CHIRP DI GPS G2N.


  • 800x480p resolution screen


  • Color TFT display with 9 inches of size


  • Taking clear images until 3500 feet


  • LED UV lights


  • Alarm for temperature
  • Graphic for temperature
  • Featuring freeze-frame
  • Internal software offering upgrade
  • Standard sonar frequencies at 200/455/800 kHz and 1.2 MHz
  • 1000W power output
  • 8000W peaking power output
  • Integrated temperature sensor featured with the transducer
  • Gimbal mount or accessory dash mount
  • ID+ Selective Fish

Bottom Line

All in all, the Helix 9 delivers more than it could be desired. You will surely love it if you are a devoted fisherman. You can take it with yourself on vacation or when you are looking for some new fishing locations. Of course, you may look for some cheaper models too, but you will never get this range of features.


The best thing about the model is that it allows you to focus on the very reason you went there – fishing. You won’t have to bother spending a huge part of the time changing settings and struggling with a small display. 


You won’t have to try figuring out about the different blips on the screen – everything will be done by the program itself. By having the best fishing spots analyzed for you, it is definite that most of the job is already done. 


When it comes to the SmartStrike feature, the opinions may largely differ. Although it works well, it is still a shortcut. Some anglers simply want to be alone against the fish, so they avoid pressing that button.


We are not quite sure that this will be the last fish finder model you’ll ever buy. It may be one of the best models available on the market, but we are quite sure that more upgrades will come in near future. 


All in all, the Helix 9 does its job by taking all the guesswork out of identifying the best spot and will find the place again when you come back another day. It will help you always know what is happening in the water, as the GPS will help you accurately mark the best spots


Although it is not a guarantee that you will hook the fish, you will still know where to look for them. This is quite an extraordinary piece of technology that will be a priority for every serious fisherman.

HumminBird Helix 9

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