Lowrance HOOK2 2020 Ultimate Review

By James Williams | November 26, 2020

Many of us complain about fish finders being overwhelmed with features unrelated to their basic function. You may spend a large sum of money on a pricey but not-so-cost-efficient option like some of the high-end devices of the big brands. 


Some anglers may find them useful but what most of us need is the good-old dependent fish finder. This is why we reviewed a very affordable and effective option brought by the marine-tech giant Lowrance. 


The name itself promises excellent quality and endurance, so we share with you our experiences of Lowrance Hook² 4X. Enjoy the ride!

About Lowrance Hook² 4X

Although more suitable for peculiar types of activities, it maintains an incredible amount of value for most of the needs of any fisher. When the renewed Hook² series comes to question, the 4X model is on the lowest possible end.


There are many things you cannot expect from the Lowrance Hook² 4X, so we don’t think you will like its accessories so much. Yet, we are sure you are going to have an excellent user experience when angling in more shallow freshwater.


Also, you should be aware of the fact that Lowrance Hook² 4X may come in two different packages. There is one featuring a GPS antenna and another one without it. The disadvantage of the second package will not affect the basic performance of your fishfinder. The only difference is the absence of some extra options.


You won’t have many reasons not to choose the Lowrance Hook² 4X that features the GPS antenna. If we do the maths, buying them will cost you 130 bucks more. It ain’t difficult to sort out which option sounds more reasonable.


Although we simplify, there are many important features and accessories influencing fishfinder effectiveness. They differ by many important characteristics that are a game-changer in the entire angling adventure.


It is true that transducers represent a feature looked up by more serious anglers. Yet, we still think that Lowrance Hook² 4X shows perfect performance for products of its class.



Lowrance Hook2

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Lowrance Hook² Review

What makes a good fishfinder is the amount of time you save on messing with settings and searching for good spots. Having a display that has a simple design and striking ease of use, many describe the Lowrance Hook2 as the simplest fishfinder in the world. With the change in water conditions, your sonar will adjust its settings which will always bring you the best possible image.


Among other things, you will always have the information where you were moving and where you are heading. This is possible due to the simple GPS navigation features. The producer has loaded the package with US Inland mapping which will bring you 4 thousand lakes coverage. The only thing left for you to do is to set your system and start fishing.


  • High-performing SolarMAX display
  • Built-in GPS navigation
  • One year warranty by the manufacturer
  • Extra features of the fish finder: transom bracket, power cable, mounting brackets, and transducer

Sonar Beam

Many things remain unclarified when we talk about this topic. We are dealing with a quite wide-angle, yet single sonar beam. This means you will get excellent coverage while scanning with this device. But, the information you get won’t have enough details to tell you the exact shape or size of the possible catch. Some may find this to be practical enough.

Frequencies Of Operation

This Lowrance model has some areas in which it shows excellent performance, and this is one of them. The CHIRP sonar technology has become an essential feature for nearly all kinds of fish finders available on the market today. Brands like Lowrance and Garmin are to blame for such a situation.


When specific settings come into question, even higher-end models try isolating frequency channels. Whatever cutting-edge systems they feature, they will also like to include the CHIRP sonar system as a basic for any fish finder.


50, 83, 192, and 200 kHz are the frequencies that are most often a part of the CHIRP sonar. It sends out a plethora of frequencies in ascending direction, and the reason for its popularity is that it doesn’t use a single frequency. 


The software of the Lowrance Hook² 4X shows the most precise imagery possible. It receives details and scanning information from the sona which does a thorough examination.


The CHIRP is a part of the equipment that you are going to receive with the Lowrance Hook² 4X. Yet, you won’t have a way to arrange its frequency options. Some professionals don’t want to rely on the modest scanning results that this sonar system has to offer. Yet, this is a satisfactory option for many users.


At the end of the day, the very producer didn’t mean to create a high-end product, but to provide an affordable option for the users.

Using Lowrance Hook2 will likely increase your overall haul

Energy Capacity

When it comes to Lowrance, this may be one of the areas where it definitely shows its weaker sides. This category has often been an exaggeration in the publications but the Hook² 4X uses 200 RMS watts of power. We put this on the lower end of the spectrum although it seems to be acceptable. In relation to the nature of the sonar, it will have great importance.


It will be very important to determine what the RMS wattage actually means if we convert them to different frequencies. Considering that the Lowrance uses a wide-spectrum CHIRP sonar detector, it is crucial to know how deep will each frequency go.


The Lowrance will make it possible to take a 50 Hz signal image to a depth of 800 feet. Don’t forget that its wattage is 200. Yet, if we tune it at 200 kHz, the Lowrance will give us an image from the depth of 200 feet. This is why they mention in the advertisement that its range is 500 feet.

User Interface

The simple and useful layouts are among the biggest advantages this fishfinder may offer to the customers. The options are distinct from one another and large enough to differentiate. If you are looking for the setting you are trying to change, have no doubt that you are going to succeed. Almost every option you are going to need the most is accessible by a single touch.


When we are talking about more economic products since not all options can be on the higher-end. Apart from high-end technology which involves a touchscreen, the Hook² 4X model functions with a keypad interface. Yet, it has setting buttons that are quite easy to access and control.


Some users may want to change more delicate software settings. When some other models come into question, this may be a bit of a complicated thing to do. The control buttons are also neat to press and use. Yet, you can do everything by holding the rod since these operations are simple on the Lowrance Hook² 4X.

Sonar With Auto-Tuning Technology

While you are fishing, it will be pretty common to run across different weather conditions. The autotuning sonar technology will make your device adjust itself for these occasions.

CHIRP With Wide-Angle Coverage

This extravagant technology will provide you with a double sonar coverage when compared to other products of its type. This means you can detect more fish and cover larger areas in a shorter period.


What differentiates Lowrance Hook2 from rival products

Is the Lowrance Hook² easy to use?

When Lowrance dedicated itself to make a product that would be easy to use, they produced the Hook² 4X. This one is different in comparison to other producers who try to approach with a model which they claim to be both sophisticated and simple.


You will spend a lot of time trying to sort out what all those instructions mean instead of focusing on being practical. The Hook² 4X offers detailed instructions easing installation and helping jump on the essential.

Is it possible that the Lowrance Hook² 4X doesn’t show speed?

This is definitely an issue that many users are going to face. In this situation, you should go to the menu options of the page you want to edit and change the data fields. You should click on the SOG option and apply it. Afterwards, you are going to have the speed ground on your display.

What is more convenient, Lowrance or Ipad Screen?

In conditions of sunlight, marine electronics monitors will be of great use. They have the design to exert more power when compared to other screens of tablets or phones.

What kind of display should we expect?

We emphasized many times that all the features of this model don’t represent the latest technology, but they are decent for any usage. It is the same when it comes to the display which may be on the level of more high-end models when it comes to its size. We point out the importance of the SolarMAX technology of the display which is useful on bright days.


The display has some energy saving options which will prove to be of great value. It will shine brighter when a greater amount of light falls on it, and vice versa. Another convenience is that you won’t have to stand right in front of the display to see everything well due to the range of viewing angles.


As we talk about the viewing angles, we must admit that all are quite clear from seventy degrees except the bottom from fifty degrees. You will get an extra ultraviolet light that will offer you a very good view, but it won’t disturb the fishes.

Final Verdict

When it comes to professional fishermen, there are many of them who would rather spend a larger amount of money to have a more universal device. The Lowrance Hook 2 4X still represents a decent model, although the Lowrance Hook² series has various models to offer. At the end of the day, it is solid gear for anyone who wants to grab the day to relax on a boat and fish.


If we disregard the somewhat underpowered transducer which can support only 200 RMS watts, we have a solid device in our hands. With the CHIRP sonar as one of its stronger sides, the Hook² 4X will provide solid performance in most fishing situations.


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Lowrance Hook2

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