Best Saltwater Fishing Spots

Fishermen and anglers are fortunate to have choices when it comes to where they want to fish. The choices come between freshwater and saltwater.

There are so many great fishing spots out there that it all boils down to preference.

Freshwater fishing obviously takes place in freshwater bodies. This is characterized as a body of water that has a 0.5 salinity level. These include places like lakes and rivers. If you are having a hard time visualizing it, imagine a sprawling mountain range and picturesque views in your surroundings as you calmly wait for the fish to bite.

For saltwater fishing, these usually take place on a boat or on a pier. When saltwater fishing, anglers see the ever expansive ocean all around and feel the freedom. More than that though, when venturing out into the saltwater, anglers need to be prepared for a challenge as the fish there put up a fight.

Some fishermen point to the adrenaline rush that keeps it exciting. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to preferring saltwater over freshwater.

In this article, we’ll look at several of the best saltwater fishing spots. Anglers can look through this list and travel to these various spots to enjoy the best saltwater fishing in the world.

Top Reasons to Choose Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing Spots

Before we delve into the best spots, it may be worthwhile to look at the top reasons to choose saltwater fishing. These reasons may paint a bigger picture on the experience and reveal whether heading out to the open seas for fishing is the right choice.

The Size of the Fish

When it comes to the size of the fish, saltwater definitely features the bigger ones. This is most likely due to the fact that the ocean covers most of the world and the fish there have all that room to grow.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any big fish in freshwater spots. However, there are just way more in saltwater locations.

Versatile Fishing Spots

There is something to say about the quality of fishing spots. With fishing, it usually relates to the variety of fish that people can catch and the number of people present at the spot.

We all know the saying that goes, “sharing is caring.” However, if there are a lot of people in a fishing spot that isn’t that big, chances are that fish could be scared away or all caught throughout the day. This leaves the anglers with nothing to catch.

If a freshwater spot is limited, saltwater spots are anything but that. Just think about how wide the ocean is and it is easy to see why there are so many available fishing spots that fishermen can head to.

An Exciting Adventure

Different fishermen have different preferences to what they want to experience. Some fishermen prefer just relaxing at a spot and waiting for the fish to bite. Some though want an exciting adventure, and that is exactly what you get when fishing at saltwater spots.

The excitement comes from the sense of adventure when anglers take to the seas and zip around on their boat to prowl for their catches. Once they find it, they are in for a tough battle. When the fish is caught, it will be worth all the trouble.

A Delicious Catch

Whether the fish are caught in freshwater or saltwater spots, they can both be prepared for a delicious meal. However, the options of the fish that can be caught are a bit limited in freshwater spots. Fish like trouts and stripers are on the menu.

Out in the ocean though, anglers can catch some unique fish like tuna and salmon that are a different kind of delicious altogether.

If that has piqued your interest, these salmon fishing tips may be able to help you out.

These are only a few reasons why anglers gravitate towards saltwater fishing. We hope that this has motivated you to head to the open seas. Now, let’s check out the very best saltwater fishing spots.

Best Saltwater Fishing Spots


Best Saltwater Fishing Spots - Panama

We start off our list with Panama. Panama has some of the best saltwater fishes in the whole world. Anglers will have no shortage of fish to catch in the sea.

Throughout the whole year, there is a vast collection of fish to choose from. These include fish like striped Marlin, blue Marlin, rooster fish, yellowfin tuna, and amberjacks just to name a few.

If you are looking for a specific location, try out Piñas Bay located in the Tropic Star Lodge. Many record catches have been set here since the 1960s.

For blue marlin, head to Panama at the start of the year in January or February. If you miss these months, they also bite well from July to December. Marlin as big as 300 pounds can be caught, with a few bruisers north of 500 pounds also a big possibility.

Fishing in Panama is nothing if not productive. The coastline filled with reefs and rocky headlands makes it ideal to find a lot of fish.

Head to Panama for a fishing trip any time of the year and you’ll be able to snag many different kinds of fish. Panama is a mere two hours from Miami and many airlines can fly you there. Once you arrive, you’ll also have no shortage of fishing resorts to stay in.


Best Saltwater Fishing Spots - Florida

Next on the list is Florida, specifically Key West. Like Panama, Key West has also been a destination that has yielded many record catches throughout the years. This is mainly due to the charter captains who stay there. They are very experienced and can guide you to the best fishing spots.

Apart from that, the spots in the area have a variety of fish just waiting to be caught. These include bluefish, blue marlin, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna.

One of the best things about picking Key West, Florida as a saltwater fishing spot is the weather. It is agreeable and workable no matter what month you visit.


Best Saltwater Fishing Spots - Massachusetts

If striped bass and bluefish are the target, consider heading to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The inshore fishing in the area makes those who prefer fly fishing and light tackles ideal. The ideal time of the year for this is spring all the way to fall.

Apart from those, there are also flounders and weakfish in many waters in the area. One of the biggest attractions though is bluefin tuna which can be caught from June to November.

There are schools of bluefin tuna that range from 50 to 150 pounds. Head out there on a small boat with poppers on spinning gear and you’ll have no problems catching these fish. Moreover, just a few miles from the shore, massive bluefish tuna that reach 1,000 pounds can also be caught.



If there is one thing that Louisiana is known for in saltwater fishing, it is in catching redfish anglers. This fish is prolific in Venice, Louisiana.

Heading over to this fishing saltwater fishing spot will constantly yield 3 to 4 pound catches, with the big ones even reaching up to 30 pounds.

Other species that can be caught in the area include flounders, snappers, kingfish, and cobias. If you continue riding offshore, you’ll run into one of the biggest yellowfin tuna fisheries on the entire planet.



The waters in the Bahamas are just teeming with fish. When compared to the United States, the Bahamas is the one place that has a great area of flats and bonefish that are quite large on average. In fact, there are so many flats on this island that it is hard to choose a wrong one when going out fishing.

For greater success though, try out the Greater Bahamas flats as well as the shallows around Andros and Abaco as they hold a great number of fish in the area.

One of the key factors that make the Bahamas one of the best saltwater fishing spots in the world is the fact that it is close to the United States and has English as the language used. There are also a multitude of fishing resorts and lodges to choose from, complete with guides that can lead you to catching all the fish you want.

While visiting the Bahamas for fishing is viable all year round, the best time for a fishing trip to this area is from March to June.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to saltwater fishing spots. It isn’t as prolific as The Keys for example, and in many cases, this can be an advantage. If you are looking to fish in peace, Papua New Guinea is a great place to do so.

The fish there include several bass, blue marlin, ruby snapper, and dogtooth tuna.

There are a ton of lodges and expeditions available that can help enhance your fishing trips when you are visiting Papua New Guinea.



Last on our list is Australia. The Australian Great Barrier Reef is home to many species of fish. In truth, we may never know how many species are there. However, what we do know is that it is an epic saltwater fishing spot that is a must experience for anglers.

There are a ton of black marlin to catch in Cairns. In fact, 70% of all black marlin catches take place in this area. These fish are not only plentiful, but also quite big.

They can grow over 1,500 pounds and swim at 70 miles per hour. It is a challenge that will leave an indelible mark on any angler.

Cairns is just one area you can head to for exciting fishing action. There are many more Australian fishing spots you can visit.

Experience the Best Saltwater Fishing

There are many places to go to when fishing. We hope that the locations above become a blueprint for where you could and should go to experience the very best saltwater fishing in the world.

Remember to prepare well. Apart from researching more on these locations and the fish you want to catch, stock up on the right equipment such as fish finders, the best fishing lures, and fishing life vests.

Finally, always remember that safety comes first. Enjoy the saltwater fishing!

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