A Comprehensive Review Of The Best Fish Scaler – Top 6 Included (Electric, Manual, Plastic, Ultimate)

best electric fish scaler

Fishing is fun, scaling is not as much fun but with the best fish scaler, you can find some fun when removing fish scales. People from different lifestyles and occupations, take up fishing as a hobby, a competitive sport or a recreation activity. For others, it is also part of family traditions passed on from one generation to the next.

Other benefits many of us derive from fishing are bonding with people, relieving stress and enjoying the feel of being outdoors. Whatever the reason, the joy of casting a net or tossing a rod into the water and making a catch is always overwhelming .

The fish at some point turns into a meal or dinner after the fun part of fishing. Prepping the fish, which involves removing the scales, is both tasking and challenging. Scaling or descaling is important because the scales are not edible and all you need from the fish is the flesh.

Scaling does not have to be cumbersome if you use the right tools. If you do not know how and which tools to use, FishingLab will run you through some of the best fish scalers in the market today.

Product Name

Type of Scaler


MaQue Electric Fish Scaler


Amzchen Electric Fish Scaler (Editor’s Choice)


SKINZIT Electric Fish Scaler


Ultimate Fish Scaler


Speder Electric Fish Skin Scaler


Big Norm Feet Magic Fish Scaler


Here are the Top 6 Best Fish Scalers

1. MaQue Electric Fish Scaler

The MaQue Electric Fish Scaler is a favourite of many people that love versatility in fishing. It features an amp motor that comes with a high rotating speed. This scale handles fish of all sizes and gives great performance in terms of speed and precision. Some of the features that make the scaler stand out are its extra power from the flexible cord. The cord does not interfere with your movements as you scale away your fish.

MaQue Electric Fish Scaler is also easy to clean and even easier to maintain because of its coating. The coating is impregnated and this too makes it rust free and resistant to rust.

It comes with many safety features for the protection of anyone using the model. When in use, the scales do not fly all over the place but they deflect downwards, it comes with a non-slip handle for better handling.



2. Amzchen Electric Fish Scaler

If you are in a tight budget, you may want to buy this scaler as it is both affordable and effective. Though it does not come with some of the features that the more expensive scalers come with, it does its job well.

This tool is also best for people that handle smaller scaling applications. A commercial scaler will not benefit much from this model because as good as it is, it cannot handle a large number of fish.

The fact that it cannot handle a big number of fish does not mean the scaler does not come with good features. For starters, the tool is good for both saltwater and fresh water fish. It comes with a steel shaft that is rust free and a shank that will not rust no matter how long you use the scaler.

The scaler gives you a choice of the amount of voltage to choose. It has a voltage of between 100 and 250 volts. Charging the scaler takes around 80 minutes and its rotating speed is 6000 rounds per minute. You can use the scaler continuously for 4 hours before recharging it. It is waterproof.

How to use the scaler

➢ Before you start using the Amzchen Electric Fish Scaler, make sure that it is fully charged

➢ Check to make sure that the charging port is dry before you plug your scaler in

➢ Do not use the scaler in water that is above 60 degrees centigrade

➢ Make sure your hands are protected well when using the scaler

➢ Avoid touching the machine head when it is on

➢ Keep the scaler away from children and pets



3. SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner

I have touched a bit on electric drum scalers that are best if you are scaling over 20 fish at a go. SKINZIT electric fish skinner is a stainless electric drum scaler that can scale a large number of fish in a very short time. With this model, you can work on 50 fish in a period of just 209 minutes. What is even better is that the tool does not leave you with a mess to clean after scaling. Everything around you from the walls, the clothes you wear and even the floor will have no annoying scales to get rid of. SKINZIT is good for both commercial and domestic purposes.

The scaler comes in a waterproof casing that houses the electric motor. The motor is quiet while at work meaning you can go around your business as usual or even listen to your favourite song as you work. Its performance is effective and it is easy to operate and just as easy to clean.

Other features that make this scaler stand out are its polypropylene tub that is both odour and mildew resistant. This makes it particularly good for every kind of weather. I want to mention in this SKINZIT review that it also multitasks as a rib bone remover.



4. Ultimate Fish Scaler

Ultimate Fish Scaler brand is a big name with some of the best products in the market. The ultimate fish scale is an automatic electric fish scaling tool and one of the brands most popular products. It is a very flexible scale and can handle fish of all sizes without damaging them. It is safe to use and very effective. Its unique blade design gives you safety as you work around the fish.

For comfort, the scaler comes with a soft rubber handle allowing you to work for longer hours without hurting your hands or feeling fatigued. It is resistant to rust and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The downside though is that as good as it is, it causes scales to fly all over your workstation, leaving a mess behind.



5. Speder Electric Fish Skin Scaler

With a weight of only 2-1 pounds, Speder Fish Scaler is affordable and very easy to clean and maintain. It comes with a waterproof design so water will not damage it no matter how many times you use it.

It also comes with its own plastic cover that acts as a safeguard towards ant injuries to you. You keep this cover on when you are scaling and once you are through, you can easily remove the cover to clean it up. The 70-watt motor of the scaler makes it easy to carry out effective scaling and allows for multiple fish cleaning.

One of the important things to note about this scaler is that it leaves a mess behind after scaling. It is important to wear an apron over your normal clothes when you are using the tool. You can also avoid the flying scales by washing the fish underwater.



6. Big Norm Feet Magic Fish Scaler

Big Norm Feet is a manual fish scaler from Tackle Factory and a very simple tool takes scaling to a completely new level. Big Norm Feet is also lightweight so you can easily carry it along with you as you go fishing and it is very fast. As small and light as it is, this scaler can tackle both big and small fish without damaging them. It however does a better job scaling bigger fish like snappers than it does scaling smaller species like salmon.

Its high impact plastic prevents it from cutting through the scales to the fish flesh like some metal scalers. The fish scaler comes with a pair of gloves for further safety. With this brand, you will have no slime, it will not rust or corrode and cleaning up after scaling is easy.

How to use

➢ Take your Big Norm Feet and rub it on the fish

➢ Press on the fish very lightly for the scales to come off

➢ For better results, scale the fish underwater

➢ After you finish, rinse the tool underwater



Different Options For Fish Scalers

The below factors will help you in determining the kind of scaler you need. Once you are through with this, the next thing to consider is the scaler options. Since the scalers come in different types and sizes, there are a few options to guide you on what the type of scaler to go with.

Peeling scalers

Peelers are common especially with people that do not scale large fish daily. They look like your everyday vegetable peelers with serrated edges, which allow them to scale the fish fast. Peelers are easy to use and cleaning up after use is just as easy. This is because they come with scale catching compartment that prevents scales from spreading all over your working space. A retractable fillet knife is another extra that you get with some of the peelers.

Scaling brushes

Brushes or scrapers are plastic or stainless steel tools that look more like a tool you can use in the garden than on a fish. A scaler has a handle and a broad head with features that like teeth attached to the head. The teeth are the ones that scrape off the scales. Scalers are fast and easy to clean and maintain.


Scaling Knives

Scaler knives come in different types. We have the basic scaler knives and your standard fillet knives. For those without fish fillet knives, a simple butter knife makes a good scaler too. Though the knives come in handy when you do not have any other tools with you, they are not for people that scale large or huge number of fish daily. This is because the knives lack non-stick handles and therefore you need to hold onto the fish firmly when using them.


Electric scalers

Electric scalers are common and much faster to use than manual scalers. For those that scale large amounts of fish daily, electric knives are the best tools to use for the job. Majority of the electric knives have the same shapes as the manual knives. The cording of the knives varies from knife to knife. They come with comfortable grips and extra blades that you can easily interchange. Detaching the components is easy for cleaning.

Electric fillet knives are sharp, and precise. Once you finish using an electric fillet knife, you may notice some rogue scales on your workstation. This makes cleaning up after use more tasking. As compared to the ordinary manual knife, electric knives are more expensive.

Another type of an electric scaler is the electric drill scaler. If you have a drill, then all you do is attach this tool to the drill and you are good to go. It is great for scaling larger amounts of fish and uses minimal labour. The best place to use this device is outdoors because the scales fly all over the place. Electric drill scalers are durable and they are self-oiling. They are also rust proof and very safe to use. You however have to dig deeper into the pockets for electric scale drillers.

Electric drum scalers are other types of electric scalers that come in handy if you are scaling over 20 fish at any given time. This drum scaler comes with a compartment that resembles a cheese grater. It uses water to remove the scales, grime and dirt from the fish. It is also easy to use because all you do is fill the drum with water, put in your fish, switch it on and let it run for 20 minutes or thereabouts. After the required time is up, remove the fish and clean off the scales into the drum. The drum scaler is good for both indoors and outdoors because it leaves no mess of the scales around the workstation.

Another scaling tool very similar to the drum scaler is the drill bucket scaler. Whereas the drum scaler uses water to remove the scales a bucket scaler uses a beater to remove the fish scales. The beaters attach to an electric drill and as it moves after plugging in, the fish tosses around in the bucket and in the process losing their scales. It is easy to clean after use because it also leaves no mess around the workstation.

Buying Guide – the features to look out for when buying a fish scaler

Knowing the right features and qualities to look out for when buying a fish scaler will save you time and costs. All the qualities below are necessary if you want to make fish scaling manageable and will give you a good buying guide.

Amount of fish

Before you set to buy your fish scale remover, you should first take into consideration the amount of fish you want to scale on a daily basis. If the fish is for commercial use, you will need a scaler that can handle large amounts of fish. If the fish is for domestic use, you will need a scaler that is fit for smaller amounts of fish.


You need to know the number of times you will scale your fish. Is it on a daily basis, once a week, once a month or annually? If you are in the fishing industry and you need to scale daily because it is your profession, then you will need a scaler that can withstand the number of uses. Knowing this will help you in determining the amount of money you need to use for the scaling tool.


Before you purchase your scaler, compare different prices offered by various stores on the same brands. Go with the store with the best offer. Always remember not to go beyond your stipulated budget unless you cannot help it. Do not however compromise quality for something cheap.


Look for scaling tools that will last. Do not buy a tool that will serve you for a short period after which you will start looking for a replacement. Make sure the tool you choose is rust free and resistant to corrosion.

Ease of cleaning up after use

Scales can get messy and cumbersome to clean up. This is so especially if you are using a knife or other traditional means of scaling the fish. Go with tools that will not give you a hard time cleaning up after scaling. Some of the fish scalers in the market today come with features that capture the scales leaving little or no mess around the workstation. The only thing you do is empty the accumulator and clean up tour scaling tool. For people that scale many fish daily, this feature is very important.


Scaling the fish with the wrong tool can give you hand blisters and other body aches especially for those that scale much fish in a day. Look for a tool that offers you comfort as you scale. Today, you will find a good number of non-slip grip scalers that offer enough comfort as you go about your scaling work.

Method of scaling

The method you use to scale your fish will determine the type of scaler you need. If the fish you scale on a daily basis is not much, you could prefer to go with a manual scaler. If on the other hand, you do a lot of scaling, you coils opt for an electric scaler. Bothe manual and electric devices come in different versions and brands, some of which I will highlight here. The [prices of the devices also differ from scaler to scaler with electric ones being more expensive.


You can save money by buying a scaling knife that you can use for other meat besides the fish. Some of the electric knife scalers are also good meat cutters and they do not change no matter how much fish you scale or how much meat you cut. Tools that do other tasks besides scaling come with extra blades that you can easily change to fit the task. Other tools also scale both large and small fish. Finding knives or tools that can multi-task saves you the agony of buying several tools for different applications.


Speed may seem like a non-issue but it is very important to consider it when you are buying a scaler. Imagine having spent hours fishing than taking another couple of hours of scaling and it only takes you a couple of minutes to eat the fish. Find a knife or tool that will scale fast enough to spare you the agony of getting more fatigued or getting bored. Electric scalers are much faster than manual scalers allowing you to scale a larger number of fish in any given time.

Maintenance and cleaning

Some of the scaling tools come with several components. Electric scalers come attached to electric drills and you have to use other components with them for clean and smooth scaling. Look for tools that have easy to remove and attach back components. Check and read the instructions on how to clean the parts of the scaler.

Whatever you choose, make sure, you can clean it up easily and maintain it well to avoid corrosion and rust. It will help more if the tool you choose has parts that are dish washable too. Make sure to wash the components attached to an electric drill separately.

Wrapping it up

With the above scalers and a guide on how to go about buying the best fish scaler, scaling should come easy to you. It does not matter whether you are an amateur, a professional or you love fishing as a hobby. Whatever you are, scaling should not be in the list of your problems. Invest in a tool that best suits you and a tool that is within your budget.

So the scaler I would most recommend to you would be the Amzchen Electric Fish Scaler due to the fact it hits all points on the head for the every day and advanced fisher, although it may not stack up for commercial use for users like you and me this does the trick in a fantastic way.

As a fishing enthusiast who loves to share ideas with fellow anglers. I hope the above article helps you in making your decision. If you have any questions or further information to add, feel free to comment 🙂

We like to share product recommendations with you and hope you like them! Just to make you aware FishingLab may collect a small share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.


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