Best Large Tackle Box: Three Great Items

There’s a downside to being disorganized as one will have so much difficulty finding what he or she needs. For anglers, being disorganized would be disastrous as there are many things needed for fishing. As such, anglers invest in tool boxes that are portable and can well organize all the fishing essentials. However, there are plenty of tackle boxes on the market that finding one might be a confusing task. If you are on the lookout for the best large tackle box, then here are three great products that are worth considering.

Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box

The product maker, Plano, claims to have this product tested for durability. Plano also offers a lifetime limited warranty for the item.

Plano Molding is a manufacturer of outdoor storage solutions and has been in business for more than 60 years. It was founded by Warren Pete Henning who is credited for producing the first tackle box from molded plastic. Currently, Plano Molding focuses on the production of storage solutions for fishing and hunting. It manufactures and sells items such as tackle systems and bags, gun and archery cases, utility boxes, miscellaneous organizers, and hunting accessories.


The Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box promises to be an angler’s perfect companion. This large tackle box claims to be made from the highest quality materials. It comes with a large four-rack system with four 3700 utility boxes.

There are also other areas for additional storage item. The top cover has a small space with a clear cover while the top layer is an open area to fit various items. Users also have the option of interchanging the boxes. This large tackle box has two latches on the body of the rack system as well as on the top lid to secure the contents of the box and prevent them from slipping out.

This item measures 16.5 by 12 by 16 inches and weighs six pounds.


  • Four-rack system allows for careful organization of fishing essentials
  • Additional storage space in lid cover and top area of the box
  • Hard latches to protect items from spilling out
  • Trays are interchangeable
  • Comes with four 3700 Plano trays
  • Lifetime limited warranty from the product maker


  • Poor handle design; comes off easily
  • Latches tend to break easily
  • Hard to open and close the latches


Special Mate Fishing Lure Tackle Box

Trinity is the manufacturer of Special Mate Tackle boxes. The firm promises durable products as all tackle boxes to boast of well-designed locking latches, dividers, and lids.


The Special Mate Fishing Lure Tackle Box promises to help anglers organize their fishing tools efficiently.

This product comes with 15 flippable hard plastic dividers for better organization of fishing essentials such as lures, spoons, and spinners. It can store as much as 225 lures with the flippable dividers.

The box also has a special interlocking “V” stackable design that allows users to stack tackle boxes efficiently. The box is made from high-grade durable plastic and comes with proper drain holes to prevent accumulation of water.

The tackle box boasts of a heavy-duty construction to prevent it from tipping backward when opened. The box is secured by heavy-duty and dual locking latches made from metal.


  • 15 hard plastic dividers can help properly organize fishing essential
  • Dividers are flippable
  • Latches are made from heavy-duty metal
  • Heavy duty body to prevent the box from tipping over backward
  • Stackable design
  • Drain holes to prevent accumulation of water


  • None


SKB Tackle Box

SKB Corporation founded in the 1970s manufacture the product. The company first started manufacturing guitar cases in California. These days, SKB claims to be a market leader in designing and manufacturing of molded polymer cases. Its products include archery, guns, golf, scuba diving, optics, all-purpose, baseball and fishing transport cases.


The SKB Tackle Box promises to have an indestructible molded construction to keep all fishing essentials safe.

This box comes with four mini tackle boxes with dividers that can easily be removed and are interchangeable. It has additional storage space at the top. The lid can be opened at 90-degree or 180-degree.

The tackle box also has high-quality steel hardware, fasteners, and latches. There is also a provision for a padlock for added protection. There are side handles to give users the option to hand carry the item. It comes with a padded shoulder strap as well.

There’s also a hanging jig area with a padded cover and can hold over 40 jigs. On the sides of the box are two soft large pleated exterior pockets that can hold accessories. The box weighs 18.3 pounds and measures 23 by 10 by inches. Its product maker also offers a lifetime unconditional warranty.


  • Solid box construction
  • Comes with four tackle boxes
  • Additional storage on top and side pockets
  • Hanging jig area
  • Metal latches
  • Lifetime unconditional warranty from product maker
  • Can be hand or shoulder carried


  • Too much space in between trays, which wastes storage space
  • Can be too heavy for easy portability
  • Boxes are of poor quality


Best Large Tackle Box: A Tie

All three products reviewed promise to be the best large tackle box in the market. But which of them is the best tack box to purchase?

Unfortunately, the Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box suffers from hard to ignore flaws. The latches and the handles are poorly constructed. The former break easily while the latter comes off quickly. It would not be practical to buy this item unless one likes having to deal with a broken latch and handle frequently.

The Special Mate Fishing Lure Tackle Box and SKB Tackle Box have good construction. The Special Mate product makes organizing fishing tools and accessories easy with its 15 flippable hard plastic dividers. Its body is also heavy-duty while the latches are made from heavy-duty metal. On the other hand, SKB Tackle Box has a well-built body and sufficient storage space. Unfortunately, the SKB product is quite heavy.

Either of the two products would be beneficial for an angler. If one prefers a more lightweight box, then the Special Mate Fishing Lure Tackle Box is the one to buy. Those who do not mind the weight would do well with the SKB Tackle Box.

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