Essential Gears Every Fishing Enthusiast Should Have

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Fishing enthusiasts who have been indulging in this outdoor activity for several years now know very well that there is so much more to fishing than just catching a fish. It will not only give a person the chance to enjoy what nature has to offer. But, it also refreshes the mind and relaxes the body from the stresses of life’s hectic routine. Fishing is also everybody’s favorite no matter your age, race, and gender. We used to think that fishing is just for men. However, statistics reveal today that there are about one-third of women, out of 46 million fishing enthusiasts in the U.S today. If you are looking to be an addition to this growing statistics of fishing enthusiasts, make sure first that you have the following essentials. 

Line, rod and reel

A fishing activity cannot be carried out without these three essentials – line, rod, and reel. If you have one or two of these combos then you’re good to go. Start with a high-quality spinning combo that’s designed for medium action. One that has a 10-pound monofilament would already serve you best. The professionals behind emphasize that choosing to buy a reel and rod combo greatly spares you from the guesswork and difficulty of making sure that your rod matches your reel. Having a rod and reel that are not balanced won’t let you cast as far as you want it to be. It will also give you difficulty in detecting bites. 

Hooks and Sinkers

Hooks are so essential because without these you will never be able to catch anything even if you have the best reel and rod combo. Consider buying several types that would cover all your bases. Make sure that your hook sizes match the tackle that you will use and the kind of fish that you are targeting. On the other hand, sinkers can either be fixed and sliding. Having different types of sinkers is important for customization of your fishing rig to better suit your current conditions. 




Bobbers are also referred to by others as floaters. It is something that is being attached to the fishing line. This is done to ensure that the bait is suspended at a preferred depth. It is also attached to the baited hook as a visual bait indicator. Some anglers use bobbers to make it easier for them to see when the fish is already biting the bait. The pencil-style bobbers are known to be more sensitive compared to plastic, round versions. Other types of bobbers include waggler, stick, and pole.


Swivels come in different types such as ball bearing, crane, and barrel. You have to determine first the kind of bait and fishing line that you will be using so that you will be able to know as well the best type of swivel to use. You need to have swivels because these will help prevent your line from twisting. If you are a beginner, you may opt for a swivel that has a snap-on one end to make changing baits a lot easier for you to do. 


At the end of the day, always remember that it does not matter how many fishes you’ve caught. What matters most is that you were able to spend quality time with nature or with your friends. Not to mention the fact that you were also able to relax and unwind, which is something that not everybody has the luxury of time to do. 

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