Is Patience Really Necessary When Fishing?

Patience fishing

Fishing is not something you'd say is easy to do. It requires a lot of persistence, time and patience, however, it's always worth all of that whenever you reel in a sizeable catch and get a bite. Fishing is one of those hobbies that can help cultivate patience as well as teach you to appreciate the rewards waiting has to offer. Just like the way the old saying "patience is key" goes, even though it doesn't help get fishermen pumped for their next great fishing expedition and is considered an old-time cliche, it still remains a very true statement one of which should never be forgotten.

The effects of technology

In today's world, the smartphone is something people are constantly depending on. We can't seem to live without it. Technology is helping reduce the wait times we had to endure in the past removing any need for patience in many of us. For instance, fly fishing happens to be a favorite for many anglers all across the globe, however, this activity is almost all about the wait. These days, unfortunately, our generation lives in a constant "want it now" state of mind. We skip the ads on television and get frustrated when you don't get texted back by your friend right away. Since technology made almost everything easier, also faster, people nowadays think of waiting as a burden. That is why, many people struggle with the patience fishing requires. People neglect the idea of patience to be way more than just being able to wait, it is about having the ability to appreciate the little things and making the most out of the experiences you have as well.

Experience Or Patience?

Experience in this sense really isn't about catching the fish, fish chasing prey or watching sunsets. The time you spend fishing isn't necessarily all about catching the fish itself, but building the experience and knowledge to interpret the fish's behavior. A good quality fly reel may help you become a better fly fisher, which will motivate you to pursue fishing. However, there's a little more to it than that. It's a matter of intuition and sensibility, hearing and seeing the significant things as well as giving the right moments your full attention. Once you've gained that experience and successfully turned it into understanding and knowledge, then is when you can retire forever the notion of patience, because you'll have now managed to fully replace patience with expectation

If You Don't Succeed… Try Again

If you don't enjoy any success on your first fishing outing, don't get upset and start coming up with a ton of excuses and quickly assuming that that particular body of water is bad for fishing. A lot of fishermen will try to fish on a certain lake, strikeout and go back empty-handed never to return and give it another go. Most, if not all, bodies of water on the planet are different and have their own unique qualities. You can not expect them all to be the same. Taking some time to do your research will require both persistence and patience. Just as the fishing itself will. Doing some of these things will help you build patience, of which you'll greatly be in need of when you finally get out there.

If this article hasn't managed to help get you a little bit excited to get yourself into the water and start practicing your patience when fishing then we really don't know what will. Is patience really necessary when fishing? Only one way you can really find that out. You might just have to hit the waters and see. If you're bad at waiting and you can't comprehend the notion of delayed gratification, then this activity or sport might not be something you'll be interested in. However, if you are, then you certainly have to try out fly fishing and the like one of these fine days.

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