Best Small Tackle Box: Three Great Choices

Fishing requires many equipment and tools. Failing to bring one tool during a fishing trip often results in a big disappointment. As such, one has to pack and organize everything needed for the trip beforehand. One of the best ways to organize the essentials for the fishing trip is to invest in good tackle boxes. Fortunately, there are plenty of them on the market in different sizes including the small ones. But what is the best small tackle box? We’ll introduce you to three favorite products on the market.

Before we go ahead and point that out, let’s first determine what goes into a tackle box.

What Should Be Stored in Tackle Boxes?

Yes, there are many tackle boxes on the market, and all of them are designed to make the angler’s life convenient. Many people think that buying a tackle box is the best way to be organized for a fishing trip. This, however, is only partially true as one also needs to know what to store in the box.

It is true that one can store a lot of items in a tackle box. But does an angler really need to cram so many stuff inside the box? What should be stored inside the tackle box anyway? Many seasoned anglers say that a tackle box should contain these important items.

  • Extra line and hooks

First are the extra line and hooks as these two tend to break or get lost. One needs extras of both.

  • Bobbers or Floater

The tackle box should also have bobbers or more commonly known as a floater.

  • Sinker

The box should also contain a sinker, which can easily be lost when fishing.

  • Lures

Anglers should also have several lures inside the tackle box to up their game rather than just relying on hooks and worm.

  • Nose pliers

And let us not forget the nose pliers, which are required for taking the hooks off the fish after catching them.

Best Small Tackle Box: Top Three Choices

Plano 3450-23 Double-Sided Tackle Box

This item is manufactured by Plano Molding, a manufacturer of storage solutions. Warren Pete Henning founded Plano Molding in 1952 after a Florida fishing trip. Henning intended to create a tackle box that is considerably lighter than the bulky metal ones available on the market. Currently, the firm produces tackle systems, tackle bags, miscellaneous organizers, utility boxes, gun and archery cases, and hunting accessories.


The Plano 3450-23 Double-Sided Tackle Box promises to be the perfect box for spinners and small hard baits. It can be used as a stand-alone box or part of a bigger tackle system storage.

This box, as its name suggests, is a double-sided storage boasting of 12 to 18 adjustable compartments. The box comes with removable dividers. It is made from high-quality plastic and also has a secure latching system.

It is compact with its measurements of 11.8 by 3.9 by 7.9 inches. It is lightweight at 5.6 ounces.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable compartments due to removable dividers
  • Made from high-quality plastic
  • Secure latching system
  • Double-sided


  • Latches are hard to open and clip


KastKing Tackle Box

KastKing is a brand under Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, a company founded by a group of college buddies in 2013. KastKing specializes in fishing equipment tools, namely, fishing reels, fishing rods, and fishing line. The brand also makes other outdoor-related items such as bags, sunglasses, and apparel.

Eposeidon owners promise great outdoor products with cheaper costs since they have eliminated the need for middlemen by selling online.


The KastKing Tackle Box is a four-box set. Each box measures 14 by 8.25 by 1.75inches and is made from PBA-free high-grade plastic.

The boxes come with pre-cut adjustable dividers, so users have the flexibility to load the case with various fishing essentials such as bolts, nuts, spools of thread, baits, and lures.

The boxes are transparent to allow users to see the items stored inside without having to open or unlatch the lid. The boxes also boast of a thick rugged frame for durability purposes. The latches are hard and molded to keep the contents of the boxes secure.

These tackle boxes are interchangeable and are compatible with any KastKing Tackle boxes. The boxes can also be used for other tackle boxes with either 3600 or 3700 sizes.


  • Pre-cut dividers
  • Made from high-grade PBA-free plastic
  • Clear colored, so items are easily visible
  • Thick and rugged frame
  • Easy to use latches
  • Interchangeable boxes
  • Four boxes in one package
  • Compatible with any KastKing tackle boxes and other boxes with 3600 or 3700 sizes


  • Dividers easily come off


Shine-CO Fishing Lures Set Tackle


The Shine-CO Fishing Lures Set Tackle as its name suggests, is a complete set that has 180 pieces of lures that can be used both for saltwater and freshwater fishing. The lures come in different colors and variety. These life-like lures will help anglers catch their fish.

The box is made from high-grade and environment-friendly material. It measures 20 by 10.45 cm and weighs 380 grams. The box has two layers.


  • Complete set of lures and box
  • High-grade plastic and environment-friendly box
  • Lifelike lures


  • Set is too small



Many small tackle boxes promise to be the angler’s perfect companion including the three products in this review.

The Shine-CO Fishing Lures Set Tackle is a two-layered box with 180 lures. It seems like a great deal except that the lures and the box are quite small. This set is more apt for children rather than adult anglers. On the other hand, the Plano 3450-23 Double-Sided Tackle Box is double-sided storage that comes with removable dividers. The box is compact and has removable dividers. Unfortunately, the latches are quite difficult to open and close.

The KastKing Tackle Box is a four-box set with each box made from PBA-free and high-grade plastic. The boxes are clear and durable. They are also interchangeable when placed in a tackle box with the size of 3600 or 3700.

So, which of the three is the best small tackle box? The KastKing wins this honor as it has four boxes that are all durable and made from high-grade plastic. The latches are easy to use, and the boxes have a rugged construction. Just be careful and patient with the dividers as they tend to come off easily.

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